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"I don't have to be your shrink to know that you'll never be happy."

side note: I have mentioned a lot of times that this is a SLOWBURN you cant expect them to be together in like chapter 4, that's not how it works, at least for me. So if you are gonna comment stuff like "it's getting boring" then just don't read. 


(idk how to feel about this but okay here you go)


He looked down and saw that she had a knife pressed to his throat.

His eyes skimmed over her face, the pile of clothes she is balancing on her hip and the knife she was holding to his throat.  

His vision turned to see that she is having trouble holding all the clothes in only one hand so he moves his hand away from her waist and scoops all the clothes from her hand into his, grasping them tightly in his hold.

Her eyes narrow at his actions, the knife in her hands pressing a little tighter to his neck making him hold back a hiss of pain.

" A knife, seriously? I thought you were more modern, sweetheart."  he cocked his head to the side lightly, the knife grazing his neck once again as he passed her a mocking smile.

You are asking for death Maxwell, he thought to himself when he saw the look on her face. And oh boy she wasn't amused. not even in the slightest.

However, that wasn't enough to fade his amusement completely as he took a step forward, the knife shaking in her hand as she presses it to his throat, drawing out a little bit of blood.

"Are you going to kill me?" he asked, his eyes darting to look at her light green ones. His face skimming over her slightly flushed cheeks, the silver nose pin embedded on her nose, and a strand of her brown hair falling on her face.

"I can," she replied with a straight look on her face, clearly bored of this conversation and him.

"but would you?" he asked, getting a hold of her hand leaning close to her side.

"That depends on you. Tell me, why have you been bothering me? What's your problem?" she asked bitterly.

"You were ignoring me" he shrugged and tigthed his grip on her hand, which was on the knife that was still on his throat.

Sensing her silence and the pointed look that she was giving him, he spoke again, his hand loosening on the knife.

"Not that I care or anything, but did I do something? Like, at least give me a reason to why you are ignoring me," he said in a breath, his hand reaching up to rub his neck in embarrassment.

She spoke nothing, knowing this is one of his tricks or he has actually gone psycho and she needs to call the mental asylum.

"Please," he said, as he saw that she was still glaring at him.

"You made fun of me," she spoke slowly, not sparing him a glance and looking at the wall in front of her.

"When?" he questioned, his eyes squinting as he tried to remember when exactly did he make fun of her. 

"Oh fuck," he said as he remembered exactly, "Shit b-Delilah, I didn't mean that I mean I kind of did but like it was because you called me "ew" like what the fuck, how in the world can you say ew to me, but like I didn't mean to hurt you it just came out because I was angry and I won't apologize for it because you also haven't apologized for calling me ew but like you should know that I am-"  she cut of his rant by pressing the knife harder to his throat, making him pause.

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