Part 1

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Severus leaned his head back and breathed in the cold air. A wisp of smoke left his lips and soon he exhaled, a thick line of grey releasing into the sky. His cigarette tip fell onto the railing and Severus swiped it off, burning cigarette held between his teeth. He was cold, absolutely frigid but he refused to go inside.

Because inside you could hear distant but prominent screams of pleasure, something Severus hoped he wouldn't have to be woken up by at 3 in the morning. James brought him back at what? 12? So it's been well over three hours and if Severus was counting correctly....5 rounds.

He shook his head, his long hair and newly cut bangs falling over his face. He almost burnt himself with the falling ash and quickly dusted it off his arm. His roommate hated him smoking so the only place he could do it was in his bathroom or the balcony in the living room.

So he snuck out of his room and drowned out the screams with the music in his headphones. Putting his playlist on shuffle and a whole pack of his favorite Marlboro's next to him, he enjoyed the cold atmosphere.

His fingers drummed to the tune of his song and he swayed his head back and forth, crushing the finished cigarette butts on the stone railing then starting another if he felt like it.

" Bye." He heard behind him but didn't pay any attention.

He just leaned against the balcony, his little oasis and sipped the cup of ice cold water he thought to bring out with him.

He only looked back briefly when the balcony doors opened and James walked through, wearing a large hoodie that Severus was 80% sure was his and bags under his eyes.

" Hey." He said tiredly and Severus didn't look at his face, just tapped the side of his cigarette so the ash fell down below.

" Hey." Severus said after a moment and James joined him on the edge.

" Why are you awake?'

" Same reason why you are."

James chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck.

" That loud huh?"

" You have no idea." Severus twisted his neck from side to side in order to crack it. When he heard the satisfying click he returned it back it his original position and held the cigarette to his mouth again.

" I told him to be quiet." James defended and Severus smirked.

" Seems like he can't listen to orders." He smiled and looked back at James with half lidded eyes.

James gulped and nodded, looking down to the ground.

" I guess, yeah." He laughed nervously.

Severus inhaled one last time, chest rising in a deep breath and a grey steady stream of smoke leaving his nose and mouth. James thought he looked like a dragon.

" I'm gonna go to bed." Severus threw the cigarette butt on the floor and stomped it out. He had his hands in his pocket like always and something about it made James' spine shiver.

He had already thrown the balcony doors open and was halfway to his bedroom when James ran after him.

" What?' Severus barely had the time to finish before James pushed him against the wall.

Severus' back hit the surface with a thump and he himself looked surprised. He looked down at James and his lips were parted in a silent groan. His eyebrows furrowed as his eyes narrowed, confused and a little suspicious.

" James..."

James' stomach did that thing again.

" What are you doing?" Severus said in a low voice. James took a deep breath and finally found the courage to look up at him.

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