Part 6

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To Severus, "dating" James Potter felt like a fever dream. Every week it was something stupid.

It was a broken jaw, a police report, an alibi, a frat meeting in the middle of the day or random people coming up to Severus whether he was with James or not.

Because James was the campus heartthrob. In a way.

Girls ( and guys) loved him for reason Severus doesn't know.

Because he truly sees nothing special in that moronic, arrogant dumbass who regularly has a part of his body bruised every weekend.

But then again, this was kinda fun.

" First husband?" Frank suggested and Remus looked at him in confusion.

" they're not married."

" First lord." Arthur said and James raised his eyebrows in amusement.

" nope. Sounds like he's some duke that's in control of the house. Nope." Sirius said right off the bat and James lost his intrigue.

" First boyfriend?"

" First man."

" First Brother."

They went down the list and everyone turned their heads at whoever said first brother, who was someone not welcome in the house anymore.

" Mary get the fuck out of here." Sirius exasperated and his mood seemed to dampen.

" what? I'm just copying you guys, don't get your panties in a twist. I came with Alice, relax." She raised her hands in defense and Sirius turned to Frank.

" Frank."

" what?"

" stop letting Alice bring this witch into our house." He gestured and Mary rolled her eyes.

" she makes her own decisions, i'm not gonna tell her what to do, thats weird." Frank said and Remus nodded in a mix of agreement and being impressed.

" And i'm not a witch. Why do you hate me so much anyway?" Mary asked and Sirius' eyebrows practically flew off his face.

" Are you serious? You tried to make out with me!" He said and Mary scoffed.

" and?"

" you were dating my best friend and i'm gay." He said dramatically.

James just held his head down with his hand over his eyes.

" right. Speaking of, hi James." Mary said and walked forward, leaning her arms onto James' shoulders.

You could see the scowl Sirius was trying to hide.

" Hi Mary." James said in a tired tone.

" Heard you're dating a guy now. What? Did you run out of girls to date so you switched sides?" She asked and James grimaced.

Mary was the last girl he dated. And it was for a decent amount of time, three months.

" Nope i just decided i like dick better." He stood up and shrugged Mary's hands off.

Arthur choked on the protein shake he was trying to down and Frank started to hit his back so he doesn't actually die.

" Prongs." Remus whispered with his eyes closed and Sirius looked downright enthusiastic.

" Who is it anyway?" Mary asked with her arms crossed.

" y'know his roommate?" Sirius asked, the biggest grin on his face.

None of them liked how happy he was to be shoving James' new love life in her face.

" The tall skinny guy? Really? Him?" She asked and James clenched his jaw.

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