Part 4

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" Ugh you look terrible." Regulus said as soon as Severus walked into his coffee shop.

He owned it, the rich asshole inheriting a whole franchise the moment he turned 18.

" Thanks, I know. Get me an iced coffee." He ordered and took his sunglasses off, leaning against the counter.

" Yo it's our first lady!" A familiar voice said and Severus spun around in confusion.

" Huh?" He asked and Sirius clapped a hand on his shoulder.

" It's what we call our presidents girlfriend. Your not a girl but the title still works."

Severus looked at him unamused and picked his hand off his shoulder.

" It certainly does not."

" Then what are you? First Man? First Gentleman? We could just call you the first boyfriend since this is the first time a frat president has had a boyfriend." Sirius said and Severus continued to glare at him.

" Just call me by my name."

" Ah but that's so boring."

" Considering i got punched in the jaw and now can't chew anything harder than a banana for three weeks, i'm not ready for anything too exciting yet." Severus seethed.

Sirius swallowed and nodded.

" Right. Forgot."

How a person forgets the most talked about drama on campus three days after it happens, Severus will not know.

" So, since your dating Prongs are you gonna join the frat?"

" You're dating Potter?" Regulus asked while setting his order down.

" Mhm." Severus hummed and took a sip, relishing in the first taste of coffee he's had all week.

" Since when?"

" Since three days ago." He said quietly, trying not to move his jaw too much.

" Yeah and they've taken the campus by storm. All everyone can talk about is how the school's golden child is gay and in love with Severus."

" He's not gay, he's not in love with me and does no one have anything better to do than participate in gossip?" Severus asked.

" It's campus life. Plus James is pretty well known, you should've known it was coming."

" yeah pretty well known for being a slag." Severus mumbled and Regulus snorted.

" That too. I mean this whole thing happened because he couldn't keep it in his pants right?"

" Unfortunately yes." Severus groaned and subconsciously brought his hand up to his jaw.

" Yep, he's got a problem."

" Ok since when have you liked your roommate?" Regulus asked and went around the counter to sit down with his friend.

" I don't know. He's hot, he's somewhat smart, he's attractiv- do i need a time frame?" He cut himself off before he started spewing on about how he thought his roomma---boyfriend was hot.

Regulus narrowed his eyes at him and then proceeded to say the one thing that made Severus choke.

" Are you just trying to get laid?"

" Reggie!" Sirius and Severus said at the same time.

" look i wouldn't be surprised but is this like a ' i genuinely like him' sort of thing or a ' i'm thinking with my dick' kinda thing?"

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