Part 10

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James wasn't stupid. But he was beyond confused.

" he left." He mumbled, unintelligible to anyone else while tapping his pen on his notebook.

It was one of those rare days where he had a class in the morning so he was sitting in the back while his teacher droned on.

" oh. You actually came."

James turned his head towards the source of the laugh and saw Lily with a big smile standing by him.

She took a seat next to him and opened the textbook James had thrown out barely a month into classes.

" How've you been?" Lily asked and James shrugged.

" Decent. You?"

" Good." Lily said simply and James nodded.

There wasn't much conversation to make, James had his own thoughts to sift through and Lily was focused on taking notes.

But then a thought occured and he turned to Lily.

" Hey Evans?"

" Hm?" Lily hummed and James struggled to word the question right.

" you know how me and Severus...."

" Are dating? Yeah of course."

" And you're his..."

" best friend? Yeah i know."

" So do you...."

" Potter are you gonna tell me or are you gonna make me keep guessing?" Lily finally turned to him in frustration.

" I think you just got stuck."

" You're about to ask what he thinks of you. Nice try Potter but i'm a very smart person." She tapped her temple and James scrambled to lean forward.

" so."

" so?" Lily feigned ignorance and James pursed his lips.

" his thoughts about me?"

" hm." She said and her eyebrows did a weird thing.

What was that weird thing? It was like a very slight quirk.

" what was that?"

" what?"

" you did a thing."

" I didn't say anything."

" you didn't have to cuz you did a thing."

James gestured at Lily's eyebrows and she just swat his hand down.

" that wasn't a thing im just..."

" just?"

" contemplating." She shrugged.

James rolled his eyes and sighed.

" yeah same."

" whats up with you. You never care about what others think." She changed the subject which made James roll his eyes.

" If i didn't care about what others think, would i have dragged Severus into a weird dating scheme?" He said and Lily shrugged.

" Touché."

James sighed and slumped back on his chair.

Lily noticed his incredibly sour mood and finally gave in, turning to face him.

" Severus thinks you're cute. He likes your hair and your stupid abs." Lily said and James' eyebrows raised.

" He does?"

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