Part 2

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" Alright so we are hosting a freshman's ball this week and the after party will be split between us and the Ravenclaws. It's roughly 300-350 people so be ready and please be on your best behavior." James announced, walking around their large living room with note cards in his hand.

His brothers were sitting around the room, most of them hungover but still alert, some sleeping but getting kicked awake every two minutes.

" Oh and there was a fight between the Slytherins and a few pledges so someone find out about that, McGonagal has been on my tail lately so please get your shit together. That's it for this meeting, i'm staying here this weekend and if i find out anyone has been in my room i am personally draining your stash of vodka down the sink." He finished and clapped his hands together.

The room erupted in noise and they all stood up, still making way for james to get to a desk. It wasn't long until his friends came over, huddling over him with urgency.

" James. You gotta see this." Frank said and pulled out his phone, shoving it in his face.

" What the- Frank what is this?" He asked and took the phone out of his hand so it wasn't so close to his face.

Upon further inspection his eyes widened in fear. He stood up, the chair skidding behind him too fast and falling over.

" What the fuck is this?' James asked and Remus gulped.

" It got leaked last night at 4 am. We saw it right before you started the meeting."

" And you tell me after its over?!" James yelled.

A few members looked back to see a very distressed president giving Frank his phone back. He groaned and rubbed his eyes, pacing the room.

" Prongs is this what we think it is? Is it true? Are you that?" Sirius asked with concern.

An overwhelming amount of defense flooded his system and he looked at Sirius with a hard glare.

" If your tone is in sync with your thoughts then i suggest you change it." He spat and Sirius looked confused.

" Which?"

" Both." He seethed and Sirius cleared his throat.

" Come on Prongs y'know that's not what i meant. I just wanna know if this is a hoax or if this is real." He said in a more casual tone.

Both Frank and Remus looked at the two of them with crossed arms, seeing as how defensive James is being they didn't need to hear him say it for it to be true.

" Oh my god it's true isn't it?" Remus asked and James held his head in his hands.

If this got out. If it spread to social media, the teachers. They'd never look at him the same.

" Who's the guy in the photo?" Frank asked, looking at his screen.

" This kid named Terrance. A junior, he's a year below us." James said and brought his head up.

" Are you two dating?"

" Was. Kinda. Friends with benefits, it lasted two months."

" Jesus man. And you didn't think to tell us?" Sirius asked, sitting next to him on the couch.

" I hid it for this long i thought whats one more year." James said defeatedly.

" All of us has known each other since high-school. When did you find out?" Remus asked with a more serious tone.

James looked up at where he was standing and closed his eyes.

" When we won the championship."

" Fuck. That's three years ago. You've been hiding this from us for three years?" He asked and James gave an exasperated hand gesture.

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