Part 9 ( 18+)

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Severus was smoking again. He said he'd quit, gave up and he was smoking on his balcony.

He threw the dead cigarette into the ashtray and ran a hand through his hair.

His back still stings.


Severus couldn't tell if the satisfied hum came from him or James. But by the way James rolled his hips onto Severus' thigh, it was probably the latter.

" How far do you wanna go?" James asked and Severus' mouth went dry.

There was an unmistakable wet spot building in his pants and he didn't want to embarrass himself. Or do anything he regrets.

" you're the expert who needs to get laid." He responded in his usual snarky way.

James just kissed him in response and held his head between his hands, looking deep into his eyes.

" I'm trying to stay respectful, any more sarcasm and I can't guarantee that."

Severus swallowed and looked down.

" Um. I dont know." he finally responded and James nodded.

" ok. Well i know i like kissing you. Like a lot, and i like this feeling in my chest so if you want to continue like this and only like this i have no problem. Even if you wanna stop all together, thats ok." James reassured and that was the last bit of encouragement he needed.

He needed a guarantee that James wanted this, wanted him and that he wasn't just doing it for a fuck.

" i like kissing you too." He whispered and James' face broke out into a big smile.

Those were the last words they said to each other before making out in a frenzy. Like teens who just learnt what french kissing was.

They felt alive, an electric current running down their spine and sparks flying in their chests. Severus wasn't sure if there was a moment in his life where he felt like this.

A few minutes of pure bliss with a person he adored.

But they couldn't stay PG for too long. Eventually the heat of the moment got to Severus and James was sick to the stomach with want.

" Please touch me." James muttered and he held his breath as he waited for the response.

Severus stopped too, inhaling and exhaling deeply before nodding slowly.

" ok. Guide me?" He said and James bit the inside of his cheek.

" do what feels natural."

So Severus did. And natural meant at the hips. Twisting the fabric separating James from Severus, a teasing game that sent James a wry.

James' partners were always lust hungry monsters. They wanted it bad and they wanted it quick. But Severus was different than anyone he's ever met.

He was meticulous, careful, delicate. He never did anything without permission or reassurance and that may have killed the mood before but James was uncharacteristically loving it.

The time it took for Severus to study every sound, breath and movement James made felt different. Special.

But Severus' own impatience was showing as he palmed the front of James' boxers, a crease between his eyebrows as he felt his own hardness strain against his briefs.

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