Part 3

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" It's a minor fracture. it'll heal on it's own." The physician said and James let out a sigh of relief.  Severus himself looked less than pleased and still held the ice pack to his face, complaining of how cold it was.

" Yeah that's what happens when you have a bag of ice pressed up to your jaw." James quipped back and Severus rolled his eyes.

" I'll prescribe you some pain meds but other than that nothing is really needed. Try to minimize the amount you speak, only eat soft foods, preferably liquid but it's not necessary. Be careful and i'll set an appointment two weeks from now for progress." The doctor said and Severus groaned a muffled thank you.

He was bleeding from the mouth so he had gauze in it and ointment for the cut inside his cheek. He looked horrible and let out soft groans every once in a while because of the pain.

The entire ride back to their apartment he was silent while Remus continued to chastise James for their stupid stunt.

" Why would you get in the face of a guy that big? I get you're taller but that guy is a 100 pounds heavier! And james what was that stupid stunt with the kiss? Seriously you two are so dumb." He scolded and every once in a while James would try to defend himself but mostly stayed quiet.

" It's no use trying to argue back James, let Remus do his motherly duties." Severus mumbled from the back seat and Remus nodded in agreement.

" Thank you! Now i hope you idiots can stay in your own apartment without getting hurt. If i have to drive one more person to the hospital tonight i will lose it." He said and huffed.

He had already driven a few first years who couldn't hold their alcohol to the ER a few hours before and now it was this.

" We'll be fine Moony. We'll call you tomorrow morning." James said and opened his door when they stopped outside their condo.

" You better." Remus said and James hooked Severus' arms over his own shoulders and lifted him up the stairs.

" Night Moony."

" G'Night." They said and Remus hummed a response before driving away.

They made it up to their floor with relative ease, Severus finally gaining some consciousness when the morphine started to fade. But when the morphine faded he was met with an overwhelming amount of pain in his head.

The right side of his face hurt every time he moved and now he was hungover and tired. But the pain kept him awake so he instead laid on the couch, groaning tiredly.

" Hot cocoa or coffee?"

" Cocoa." Severus said into a pillow and James nodded, pulling out mugs.

He heard Severus turn the TV on behind him and put on a Netflix show they were watching together, some true crime documentary Severus loved.

" Here." James handed him the large cup of hot chocolate, served in his favorite mug shaped like a cat.

He took a seat next to Severus and watched all the gory details in the murder case, eyeing Severus every once in a while to make sure he was ok.

" Why'd you ask me to kiss you?" Severus asked and James was caught off guard but gave no reaction.

" Because you were the closest."

" Is that it?"

" MHm." James said, getting increasingly more nervous since Severus kept pressing on.

" So it's not because you dream of me in your sleep and like to moan my name every night." Severus said quietly and James' eyes went wide.

He looked at Severus so fast he almost spilt his cup of hot chocolate on their nice couch.

" You sleep talk and i walk in on you sleeping on the couch way too often." Severus offered the small explanation and stood up to go to the kitchen, stumbling a little.

" And you never thought to tell me?" James shrieked. He wasn't proud of the shriek but right now it seemed warranted.

" The only person who knew you liked guys was me. I thought it might've been a natural response."

"It definitely wasn't."

" So you admit you like me?" Severus asked and put the reusable straw in his cup, sipping on it while making eye contact with James.

The other just gulped and tried not to turn bright red under pressure.

" James if you wanna pretend like you don't have feelings for me it's fine. But you're in a scandal and unless you got a plan this isn't gonna go away easy."

" I do."

" Do what?"

" Have a plan."

" Oh. What is it?"

" Don't get mad at me."

Severus stopped drinking and just held the straw between his teeth for a second.

" Why?"

" Because it involves you pretending to be my boyfriend."

" WHY?!" Severus yelled and then groaned in pain when he opened his mouth a little too wide.

" Fuck fuck fuck." Severus cursed and held his jaw in his hand, wincing upon contact.

" Why?" He asked again when he was in less pain.

" Because If it's you then nobody will ask questions. You're my roommate, you live with me, it's kinda understandable."

" I don't think it is."

" Just do it."

" No. You don't have a valid reason."

" Come on. You do me a favor i'll do you one."

" What favor could you possibly do me that would be equal to this?" Severus asked.

James stopped then thought about it. Severus was a fairly simple guy, he was smart and organized so he got his whole life figured out. Except....

" I'll let you fuck me."

Severus snorted so hard the air from his straw went the other way and made hot chocolate spill on the ground. He had a coughing fit while he choked on his drink.

" Excuse me?" He asked and James nodded.

" You're a virgin right? I hear you bitching about it to Reggie."

" I do not bitch."

" You do about this." James retorted and Severus' eyes narrowed.

" you're such a dick."

" And i'm a good fuck too."

" God when were you so lewd." Severus wiped his hand on a towel since it was covered in cocoa.

" Since always. What? You don't like it? Would you rather prefer if i was innocent?" James asked and Severus held up a hand in his general direction.

" Just stop talking." He said and if he had the ability to, his jaw would be clenched right now.

James chuckled and saw back down, leaning back of the sofa. After a few tense silent moments, Severus finally cleared his throat and coughed.

" Fine. I'll do it. But not because i wanna fuck you." Severus said pointedly and James smirked.

" Whatever helps you sleep at night."

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