Part 8

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" he said that?!" Marlene asked with fervor.

" mhm." James said as he played with his coffee mug, sitting in Regulus' shop.

" what did i miss, what did i miss." Regulus said quickly and sat down beside his brother.

" Apparently Severus is willing to do all the boyfriend stuff without actually being the boyfriend." Sirius crossed his arms and leaned back with a sigh.

" isnt that....good? I mean the benefits with no responsibility?" Regulus asked.

" i mean. Yeah but the whole point of them dating is for the title, people couldn't give two shits about what they do behind closed doors." Marlene pointed out and James shrugged.

" the benefits would be nice though."

" so you get no benefits now?"

" no. Not really. Other than teasing, no." James said and the rest gave each other knowing looks.

" no no no not that kind of teasing. Like the usual Severus level of teasing."

" oh." They said, dejected.

" well what are you gonna do?"

James shrugged and looked to the side.

" find someone else? Break up? If you could even call it that." James said and Sirius' look darkened.

" seriously? Its been like two weeks. You didn't even try."

" we tried-"

" no you fucking didn't. How is this trying? You barely even did anything, this doesn't count." He immediately defended his case and James sighed.

" fine. But i dont know what else to do." He leaned his head back and Sirius' eyebrows raised.

" the jealous game-"

" NO." All three yelled back and Sirius flinched.

" why not?"

" because Severus doesn't get jealous." James said and Regulus rose an eyebrow and not in the sinister way Sirius did.

" you're joking right? Severus gets crazy jealous but instead of going crazy like his first instinct he goes with his second. Which is to end it." He explained and James tilted his head.

" so he's crazy jealous huh?"

" well not usually but if you find someone who he hates? Then yeah. One thousand percent." He said and James nodded.

He had this weird knowing look on his face and Regulus immediately regretted telling him about Severus' tendencies.

" ok no. The jealousy thing still wont work. Plus, now that people know your bi you've had a lot more offers and love confession. Has Severus ever opposed any of those? No. So theres no point." Regulus reasoned and sat back.

" that is true. Even the straight guys were asking you out to 'experiment'. Ugh." Marlene grimaced and Sirius followed.

" yeah straight guys are gross." Sirius shivered and Marlene snorted.

It all felt like a mistake. James wont lie and try to hide the fact he has feelings for Severus, he has for a while and the dreams dont make it any better.

And he thought maybe he could at least be a little closer to Severus, even if they weren't really partners.

Just then his phone buzzed on the table and everyone looked at it like the nosy fuckers they were.

S: wanna go on a date?

" ooooooh... so things are moving along." Marlene cooed.

Regulus looked shocked and in disbelief at the same time.

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