Part 5

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" I feel out of place." Severus said as he looked around the really fancy Italian restaurant they were sitting in.

James had expensive taste, to no one's surprise. When you were raised on high french cuisine that Severus would never dream of stomaching you get a certain pallet.

" Nah it'll be fine. I'm gonna get the lasagne, what about you?" James asked and put the leather bound menu down on his plate.

" Uh the fettuccine alfredo." He said. He didn't need to look at the menu, it's what he got at every restaurant that serves pasta.

" great." James said and waved down their waiter.

He ordered for the both of them, an expensive bottle of wine to go for the table.

He ordered with precision and grace, even though he was wearing a bright green hoodie to hide the white shirt that had splotches of blood underneath. And Severus was wearing all black so he looked somewhat acceptable. Still, anyone from a 20 meter radius could tell they were college kids.

" What do you wanna do after this?" James asked.

" I don't know. Probably finish my project."

" Come on. Can't you take one day off?'

" I've taken three already, my project partners are getting worried."

" Pfft. Like who?" James scoffed.

Severus felt a little irked but cleared his throat and leaned back.

" Avery. And Lucius." He said simply.

James stopped smiling and it dropped almost immediately.

" So you're in a group project with your ex boyfriend and someone who is continuously trying to get in your bed. Great to hear as your current boyfriend." James said and looked down, pressing his tongue to the side of his cheek.

He looked like he was bordering anger and hurt.

" Calm down, they know i've got a boyfriend." Severus said and waited for their waiter to finish pouring his wine before taking a sip.

" They do?"

" Everyone does." He reassured and swallowed his sip of wine with some difficulty. It's been a while since he had wine.

" oh really? You that excited to show me off?" James leaned back with an arrogant smirk that Severus was this close to slapping off.

" no. They found out online and i didn't deny it."

James' smirk fell and just looked at him dejected.

" damn. Thought you were excited."

" it's not a real relationship. Not really."

" it is."

" its to mend your social standing. It isnt."

" can you just admit you like dating me."

" when you admit you like me then sure." Severus shrugged and the waiter came over with their food.

James didn't even bother looking at their waiter, just watched Severus with a glower.

" you're not funny."

" i am hilarious." Severus rebutted.

James finally looked down at his food and stabbed his fork into the perfectly laid out lasagne.

" wonder what your other boyfriends would say when they see you're giving me special treatment."

" i'm not giving you special treatment and they aren't my boyfriends." Severus said in a monotone voice.

James has a tendency to be petty. Especially when it comes to Severus' love life.

" oh really?"

" i feel like we're already a married couple even though we aren't even fully dating." Severus said and looked up at the ceiling.

" fine. I'll stop. What do you wanna do after?" James asked, struggling with a string of cheese connecting his mouth to his fork.

" i dont know. Home?"

" home? Really? Be interesting."

" I'm interesting enough. Movie?"

" nothing good out. Park?"

" and do what? Sit around? I'd rather not." Severus rolled his eyes.

James stayed silent for a bit, head leaning against his hand.

" do y'know how to skate?"

Severus put his fork down and tilted his head a little.

" kinda."


" i thought you knew how to skate!" James said and held his hands out.

" i thought you meant roller skating not ice!" Severus said and held his arms crossed over his chest.

It was late at night but the ice skating rink was open for another hour and nobody was around. There were colorful lights flashing and moving all around the otherwise white surroundings.

It looked absolutely surreal.

" come on. Give me your hands. Trust me." James said and reached for Severus to give his hands.

It was still a few more seconds of reluctance before Severus gave in.

He held James' hands tightly, stepping onto the ice like a baby deer learning how to walk.

" i'll guide you." James said softly and Severus nodded.

" okay."

James' feet started to move and Severus with him. He was impressed Potter could skate backwards, looking down at Severus' feet but somehow not bumping into anything.

They were alone in a large rink, not a single person around.

It was peaceful.

" i feel like i'll fall." Severus said when James took one of his hands back, now standing next to Severus instead.

" look down and mimic what im doing." James said simply and Severus listened.

His legs swayed side to side ever so slightly. James would glide on the ice with grace but somehow still looked as handsome as ever.

Face flushed with red and panting by the end of a quick skate around the rink, he'd come to where Severus was and bump into him every time.

Severus almost fell three times but every time, James was there to catch him.

With a hand on the small of his back and a reassuring smile, Severus always felt like failing was ok. Something he'd never felt before.

With james it was ok to not be perfect.

" Do you want to go home?" James asked as they neared the entrance.

It would he 10 more minutes until the rink closes and they should probably get going anyway.

" yeah. Lets go home." Severus said and walked out of the ice, surprisingly without falling.

" we should go on dates more often." James beamed and Severus scoffed.

" i know it's just a scheme...but this was fun." He said as he looked back.

James looked up from where he was untying the laces and smiled regretfully.

" mhm...lets go home for now."

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