Part 7

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Seeing severus was like a huge relief. A weight taken off James' shoulders.

It was both calming and nerve wrecking at the same time.

" Hey. You didn't have to come out to get me." Severus said as he shoved his car keys into his jeans pockets.

" well i wanted to." James said and walked into the house with Severus not too far behind.

The house was old but got renovated semi regularly. A large entry way that looked even bigger when it wasn't filled with about a hundred college kids.

" woah. Looks different during the day." Severus said almost immediately after walking in.

" yeah i know right." James laughed but there was a twinge of anxiety.

Normally nobody would notice, nobody ever did. But Severus did, he always did. And this was no exception.

" are you okay?" He asked, eyebrows pulled together ever so slightly.

James just blinked at him then nodded.

" mhm. Im fine."

" you sure?"

" yeah. Of course."

" you sound a little-"

" YO ITS THE FIRST....Boyfriend?" Sirius yelled out and winced when he paused.

James rolled his eyes and walked over to him, Severus following him, still concerned.

" Are you guys gonna stay in the same room or guest room?"

" Same room."

" Same is fine."  They answered simultaneously and both looked at each other.

" great minds think alike." James smirked and Severus smiled, smaller this time.

" good to know. Anyway, we're gonna do dinner soon so if you wanna eat pitch in and decide a place with us." Sirius said and walked off once he got an 'ok' from James and Severus.

They were left alone again, James somehow nervous but seemingly calm.

" Can i put my stuff in your room?" Severus broke the silence and James nodded.

" yeah its the master suite at the top of the stairs."

" ooh. Master suite. Fancy." Severus teased and James smiled.

" well only the best for the president."

" president this, president that. You never stop talking about it do you?"

" nope."

Severus chuckled and shook his head while walking away, james still fidgeting behind his back so he wouldn't see.

" fuck, get it together." He mumbled to himself and walked to the kitchen to suggest a pizza place for dinner.


Severus stepped outside for a moment, their loud yelling and ruckus could be heard from around the corner in the alley and he felt sorry for the owners.

He pulled out a pack of cigarettes, his last ones and placed one between his index and middle finger.

James hates the way he holds his cigarettes but thats the way his mother used to hold them.

He was on his phone, scrolling through Instagram and liking random stories when he heard the ground crunching under boots near him.

He turned his head a little and expected to see one of James' goonies but was caught off guard.

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