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"you make me sick, but all I wanna do is kiss your lips"


"You have to let me hold you tonight while sleeping."

I have officially gone crazy like I knew I was a little fucked in the head earlier but now I know that I have lost my mind.

What the hell is wrong with me? It's like suddenly after all this, I couldn't keep my damn mouth shut and I asked if I could cuddle, like fucking cuddle with her.

I felt this protectiveness and somewhat possessiveness washing over when I saw her crying, crying because of me. It felt like a hammer was crushing my heart as soon as I saw her tear-stricken face.  

And when she put her fucking head on my shoulder, I had fucking lost it. It was like my body had an immediate reaction to her touch, and it couldn't help but to pull her into my arms and soothe her till all of her sorrows were gone and all of her scars were healed.

 I don't know how I got the goddamn courage to pull her into my lap but when she buried her head in my chest and let her body ease in my arms, the tears that I have been keeping on hold came out faster than I'd thought they would. I wish I could spare my baby from all of this pain.

If only it was that easy, if only we were this easy.

I can't believe I had called her baby, fucking baby. I had a ferocious urge to call her that name since she decided that she'd give us a chance, once again. I kept correcting myself whenever I thought I would say it, but it didn't happen this time, it couldn't. I just couldn't stop.

Again, it felt like my heart was burning when I saw moisture in her eyes and my letter in her trembling hands.

The letter that 17-year-old Maxwell wrote one day before he thought that he would die.

The letter that 24-year-old Maxwell still can't throw away. Along with the book she gave me, I just couldn't get myself to throw it down the lane, I am still not ready to throw our memories down the lane.

They mean the world to me, she means the fucking world to me.

And now because of my stupid request, she has been staring at me for the last minute like I had told her that I killed her dog.

Shit, I think I made her uncomfortable.

Before I could say something, her mouth that was slightly open earlier closed shut and she looked like she was trying to compose herself internally.

Fuck, she looks so cute right now.

She cleared her throat and glared at me, because she could definitely see the amusement visible on my face.

Seeing her get flustered and nervous because of me makes me feel all tingly and shit.

Ew. Why did I just think that?

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