May 12, 2022 - Wattpad x Maybelline #BraveTogether

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Everyone has a story. Our stories show where we've been, how we've grown, and our journeys between both points. But they're not always easy to tell.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Wattpad and Maybelline are teaming up again to bring you weekly writing challenges aimed at fighting the stigma around depression, anxiety, and mental health struggles.

Each Monday during the month of May, we will release a write-a-thon prompt asking you to dig deep and connect with readers on topics that relate to your own mental health journey and the journeys of others around you. For every response, Wattpad and Maybelline will donate $1 (up to a total of $40,000) to four mental health focused organizations: Sad Girls Club, The Loveland Foundation, Ali Forney Center, and The Jed Foundation.   

These organizations make big differences in their communities—just like you, right here on Wattpad. Sharing your story can become a turning point for others who might be feeling alone in their own struggles.

Come back every Monday to the #BraveTogether contest page for your new prompt and another opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life. Let's be #BraveTogether.

And next week, be brave with Anna Todd (author of After) at our next #WattpadSpeaks event. The celebrated writer will be chatting live on YouTube with three Wattpad Creators about their own mental health challenges, and how they use writing and creativity to help heal their minds and spirits. 

Register for free on Eventbrite to attend the #WattpadSpeaks Panel with Anna Todd on May 19. 


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