May 14, 2020 - Finally, a Wattpad update you can read in the dark.

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Hello Wattpadders!

Over the last few months, we've read your comments, threads, and even that one petition 👀 The people have spoken, and they want - no, need - a way to read comfortably in the dark.


Lights out 👻

Dark Mode for Wattpad is finally here.

Now, you can switch to Dark Mode for an even better reading experience when you're powering through those edge-of-your-seat chapters into the late hours of the night. Or in the middle of the day... to each their own 😉

In case you aren't familiar, Dark Mode changes the interface of your app into beautiful dark hues to reduce the luminance of your device screen in darker environments. Why? To minimize eye strain and give you the bonus perk of reducing battery consumption. Oh, and it looks pretty cool too.

Dark Mode has gradually started rolling out to Wattpadders globally on the iOS and Android app version 8

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Dark Mode has gradually started rolling out to Wattpadders globally on the iOS and Android app version 8.64, with the goal of making Wattpad more accessible for all - early birds and night owls alike.

How to enable Dark Mode:

If you have an iOS or Android device, the first time you update your app to version 8.64, Wattpad will follow your device's dark or light setting. If you already have Dark Mode enabled on your device, Wattpad will also have Dark Mode enabled when you launch the app.

To switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode, Wattpadders using iOS devices can visit the Settings menu on their device. Note that Dark Mode is currently only supported on devices using iOS 13 or later.

If you have an Android device, you can also manually change modes within the Wattpad app by going to the Settings menu from your Profile. Select "Dark Mode" in the menu, and choose to turn it on, off, or automatically mirror your device settings.

Note that you can set the mode of your Reader independently of your app settings. To change how your Reader is displayed, go into a story, tap the Aa icon on the top right, and adjust the color settings.

We hope you love the new update and thank you for your patience. Here's what's coming up in future releases:

- Optimizations to Wattpad Premium theme colors to further enhance the Dark Mode experience

- The ability to manage Dark Mode settings within the iOS app

Have questions? Visit our Help Center to learn more. 

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