November 28, 2019 - Introducing Wattpad Story Insights

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Hi Wattpadders!

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Hi Wattpadders!

Today we launch an exciting new tool to enable Wattpad writers to access fast, confidential, and actionable feedback on their stories. Introducing: Story Insights, only from Wattpad. Every great story is shaped by an amazing editor. Now, there's an easy and fast way to uncover insights that will empower you to take your own story to the next level.

Writers can purchase the report on the desktop version of Wattpad at the price of USD 9.99*.

The Story Insights report is available now for writers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and The Philippines, and can be used for stories written in the English language.

Ready to see your Story Insights report? Click 'Stats' on any published story over 3,000 words, and select the Story Insights tab. 


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How it works

The Story Insights report is generated using a machine-learning algorithm, unique to Wattpad. It evaluates your story against Watty Award winning stories, Paid Stories, and Wattpad Books, to rate your Writing Complexity and Reading Accessibility. It also scours over your story to highlight Reading Time, Sentence Length, Adverb Usage, and Word Repetition by part, while giving you benchmarks for each of these metrics. Having this feedback will help simplify your editing process, and enable you to improve both the quality and success of your storytelling.

How to learn more about, and purchase, the Story Insights report

1] Sign in to your Wattpad account using a desktop or laptop device

2] Select the "Write" drop-down menu on the top right of the page. Click "My Stories"

3] Click the "Stats" button on the Story you wish to get feedback on, followed by the "Story Insights" tab, to read more about the feature, and check out a Sample Report

4] Click "Get report" and enter your payment details on the next screen. If your payment is successful, your report will be updated in the Story Insights tab within 24-48 hours and you will be notified in your Wattpad Inbox

What Wattpad writers have to say:

"Story Insights efficiently streamlines the editing process by not only identifying areas for improvement in a writer's work, but also by recognizing the subtle patterns that make a writer's literary voice so unique and powerful."

@PaulKingston - Author of Goats from Lambs 

"The Story Insight report is a remarkably powerful tool for me as it has helped me get more invested in my writing. With this report, I'm able to understand the complexity and/or simplicity of my works and how to tackle them to best fit the model of audience I want. I couldn't ask for more writer-friendly help from Wattpad."

@Seekeroflight - Author of Girls who Dreamt of Castles

What to know before you start:

Whether you've only made headway on your first couple of chapters or you've hit that Completed checkbox, the Story Insights report is an ideal tool to get confidential feedback on your writing. Think of it as a tool to enable you to complete the full cycle of success on Wattpad and make a better final edit on your masterpiece—including writing style and reading accessibility, adverb usage, sentence length, and word repetition.

Only one report run is included in the price of your purchase. Purchases and access to the report are only available on desktop web and are non-refundable. Before making your purchase, we recommend that you:

1 ] View the sample report so you have a good understanding of the type of insights you will receive on your story

2] Choose a published story, written in the English language and comprising a minimum of 3,000 words.

3] Ensure that any parts you wish to have reviewed by the tool are published on Wattpad and not hidden away in your drafts.

Have questions? Check out our Story Insights FAQs

*Note that some comments on this thread may relate to the original launch price of $19.99

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