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I will be surprised if people still remember this book, because honestly I don't. 

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"Why then, if she is so perfect, do I still wish that it was you?"


6 years ago:

"Where the fuck is Delilah?" he asked Isabella, his eyes desperately searching for his girlfriend- ex girlfriend actually. Its been exactly 96 hours since she had put a gun on his head and kicked him out of her house.

96 hours since he barely felt alive, he couldn't still believe it that she had to find out like this. He couldn't get a chance to see her because his father has gone feral after finding out that their mission was failed and had locked Maxwell in the basement of their house.

He couldn't care less about that. Anything was better than remaining in his bedroom, where her scent still dominated the air, her touch was still evident in the bedsheets, her rubber bands were still scattered all over his side table, and her cosmetics still took up the majority of the space on his dressing table.

It seemed more like her room rather than his, and he took so much fucking pride in it earlier- but now he couldn't help but feel depressed and cry his eyes out the second he enters his bedroom.

But then suddenly he got a message on his phone which was currently confiscated by his pathetic excuse of a father.

Unknow number:
Come meet me today at 4pm in the Boston Mansion please. I need to talk to you.

His father ordered his to take 2 of his guards with him, much to his annoyance but he couldn't do anything to disagree. One of the guards looked very suspicious to him, but 17 year old Maxwell couldn't care less about it.

Which turned out to be one of his biggest mistake.

As soon as he reached the mansion which was quite far from his house, he felt that something really bad was going to happen but he shrugged it off and went inside, the guards going inside from the back door to hide, just incase  something wrong occurs.

He stepped inside the house, which greeted him with nothing but silence, there were just two guards at the step of the mansion that immediately let him in, not even once asking for his identity.

As soon as he got inside, he heard the huge doors being shut making him flinch, his hands were fidgeting with his rings as he looked in the front. There were warning bells ringing in his head but he chose to ignore them for now.

Suddenly, someone stepped out of the dark shadows as he squinted his eyes trying to figure out what he was seeing was actually there or was it just an illusion.

He saw Isabella standing Infront of him, her hands folded on her chest while she just gave him a victorious smirk, as if telling him that she had won whatever the fuck was happening. 

His first instinct was to run, his knees were ready to buckle and his hands were shaking as he put his hand in his back pocket to retrieve his gun, just to find it empty.

He swore that he had the gun with him when he came out of the car.

Which led him to the present situation. 

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