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Welcome back.

"cause he was sunshine, I was midnight rain."


"Wake up, wake up," 

"Look at how cute they are!"

"Alisha stop screaming you will wake them up,"

"Enzo for fudge's sake can you stop taking pictures of them already?"

"Guys I am hungry can we eat already?"

A pounding feeling erupted in my head hearing the voices surrounding me so early in the morning. I shut my eyes tight trying to stop the horrible headache that was making my brain numb. I felt high and my body felt horribly weak. I am pretty sure my mouth smelled bad as well. 

I tried opening my eyes slowly but almost got blinded by the sunlight of the room so I closed them up again.

"Mom look he's up," I hear yet another familiar voice but my brain could not recognize whom it belonged to. 

"Brother, wake up already!!" Ryan's voice made me open my eyes in an instant and he jumped to my side, hugging me from the back.

I went to hug him back but then realized that my hands are already holding something...or someone.

My eyes widened when I found Delilah laying almost on top on me, with my hands holding her waist in a firm grip as she had her face buried in my chest.

And then I felt my heart stop when I saw her whole family staring down at us.

What the fuck.

"Hi," Delilah's step mother, Kathryn said chirpily, probably giggling at my red cheeks which was joined by her father Enzo and my brother Ryan.

Alisia, Delilah's younger sister kept looking at us keenly, making me a little conscious so I gently moved one of my hands to shake Delilah's shoulder and wake her up.

She groggily mumbled something in her sleep and moved even closer to me, if that was even physically possibly. My face heated up yet again and this time I shook her a little more aggressively, making her roll over away from me and rub her eyes.

After what it felt like an eternity, she opened her eyes and looked around. Her face was contoured with confusion and suddenly she looked at me, her eyes softened a bit but her mouth turned into  a frown.

My heart stopped for a millisecond.

"Good morning kids," Enzo said cheerfully, breaking the reverie me and Delilah were in.

This is probably the first time I have heard him say something with so much emotion, and it truly dawned upon me that he only shows his emotions to his family, which included me now.

God damn this felt like I was a VIP or some shit like that.

"H-hi?" Delilah said from beside me, now sitting up on the sofa bed which we ended up falling asleep 

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