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P r o l o g u e

Anael Kreiss Perez thought that she has the most amazing and peaceful life, but she's wrong. Her life isn't normal, and so is their city where she grew up. She thought their city was the safest place, but little did she know... there are beast who's waiting to devour them.

She didn't know that she's living in a city that's secretly ruled by beasts. Lurking everywhere, watching every movements you made, waiting for the right time to devour every inch of your body and soul, they're silently waiting in the dark... waiting to mark their fated mate.

And Anael was one of the fated mate. With just a snap of a finger, her life turned upside down and find herself being chained to the Beast- an Alpha.

[Former title: My Stalker Is A Wolf]


This is Work of Fiction, Names, Character's, Business and Events are product of the Author's Imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, Living or Dead and actual events are purely Coincidental.

©imsinaaa Stories

date started: January 12, 2015
Finished: May 16, 2015
Revise version: August 08, 2017

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