Chapter 2

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During the drive, I mindlessly look out the window.

How I miss driving around this side of town. However, the drive is cut short when my gps says we have arrived.

Everything looks beautiful and expensive. The flashing lights around the banquet make it seem like a Hollywood runway.

I'm speechless. I slowly get off my car when a young looking boy makes signs for me to stop. After much hesitation I give him my car keys.

As I get closer to the main entrance, a young boy makes eye-contact with me then skims his eyes over my body. His companions also look my way and whistle.


I confidently keep my chin up and make my journey up the stairs.

"Who might you be beautiful?" I ignore the old man at the main door and walk pass him ignoring his inappropriate comments about my body.

I quickly open the door and rush inside.

It takes me a second to appreciate the decorations and study the room.

Round tables are placed around a big dance floor. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

The bar is packed with people. Some seemed to keep their professional image in check while others can care less as they continue drinking.

I look around and spot a blue hair girl.

I smile and practically run to Jennifer, who is wearing her work clothes, but still looks elegant.

I have worked with her before. She has become my best friend ever since we worked on Mrs. Daisy's party.

"Hello!" I say.

She jumps slightly and turns to face me.

"Sky! Oh my god! You almost gave me a heart attack." I laugh and check the list she has in her hands.

"Sorry to bother you but do you know where I'll  be sitting?" She puts her pen in her mouth and moves her eyes across the sheet of paper.

"Found you!" She crosses of my name from the list and moves the pen across another name. Her facial expressions quickly change.

"Wait a minute? This can't be right?" She mumbles to herself.

"What? Did I ruin something?" I try to read the paper but she pulls it to her chest. Her eyes fly across the room.

"You'll be working with Ethan Anderson and you guys are sitting next to each other right in the middle." She points to the table closest to the dance floor. It has a beautiful bright red rose while the other tables have white ones.

Wait... I think I heard wrong.

"Do you mind repeating the name again?!" I yell.

She looks behind me and moves her pointer finger to the main doors.

"Meet your new partner." I slowly turn around.

Everyone goes quiet, the only sound I hear are  footsteps. Or maybe I am being dramatic.

I slowly look up and see none other than Ethan— my ex-husband.

He is wearing a black suit jacket and dress pants. His shiny shoes do not miss a step.

This is not happening!

My eyes lock with his.

Recognition and another emotion flash through his gray eyes. Time stops for a few seconds before a man walks up to him.

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