Chapter 7

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"You are hungry."

I spread my arms and watch his little legs move. He wraps his tiny arms around my neck and snuggles into me.

"I'll make you something to eat." I kiss the crown of his head.

I adjust him on my hip and call Ethan back.

"Hey. Is everything okay?"

"Sorry for hanging up on you. I had an emergency to take care off. I'll see you tomorrow at work." I chew on my lip as I walk towards the kitchen.

Xander twirls my hair and leans closer to my ear. Ethan takes a while before he replies.

"Of course. I'll see you tomorrow Sky. Good night."

I slowly pull the phone away and try to press the end call button but Xander takes the phone away.

"Good night~"

He hangs up the phone and hands it over.

It's okay Sky. Ethan won't think much of it.

I chuckle a little before kissing his forehead.

"Next time ask permission. Don't snatch the phone away from me." I carefully watch his expression. I make sure he keeps his eyes on me before I sit him down.


After eating a late night snack, I went back to my room and fell asleep with Xander.


I wake up to someone moving me.

"Skylar! You are going to be late for work. The man from yesterday is waiting for you outside." Layla yells and begins pulling my sheets away.

I jump up hearing the last sentence and turn to look for Xander

"Xander is ready! I'll be taking him to the store today in a few minutes, so hurry up." I whisper a small thank you and rush to take a shower.

I wear my grey pencil skirt with a thin black belt around my waist and pick out a navy blue blouse with a gold zipper on the back.

I throw on my long black jacket and rush to do my makeup.

After brushing my teeth; I put on some lipgloss.

I run downstairs to kiss Xander and wave goodbye to Layla. I brush my long hair with my fingers while walking to Ethan.

"Ready?" Ethan says, I nod and quickly get inside. His beautiful-yet annoying-smirk is replace by a tight smile. I scrunch my eyebrows and wait for him to start the conversation but he doesn't.

The drive to the hotel is eerie quiet.

Once we get there, I don't wait for him.

I get off and begin my walk to my office.


I'm about to finish sending an important email when suddenly my door swings opened.

I look up in surprise.

Ethan walks in and closes the door right behind him. I look at him suspiciously as I hear the slight click of the door being lock.

"What are you doing here?" I say as I stare at him. His eyes keep staring at me. I scrunch up my eyebrow.

"Do you need anything?" He doesn't respond. I raise my eyebrows as he walks to the chair in front of me.

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