17. Explanations And Spilt Coffee

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         I hear a soft chuckle and whirl around, barely seeing a ripple of air before the illusion is back in place.

        "Good to see you, Ashley. Are you enjoying the show?"
         Only now do I notice the illusion still playing, Mrs. Clark's hand trailing down Zero's bicep. I groan and cover my eyes, mentally trying to banish the picture from my mind.

         "Really gross Sylvia. This is an all knew low, even for you."

         "And here I thought it would work." Her snide voice comes from a corner to the right.

          "I never took you for the type to play dirty. I thought if you were going to pull something you'd defenitely take ownership immediately for it."

"What do you think I'm doing now?" She asks,  infering to how she has revealed her presence.

         I have kept my eyes focused on the corner, studying it for any more ripples of movement, but Sylvia takes my bait and unveils herself, her true form melting into form from the shadows. I watch as the image or Mrs. Clark and Zero fades, leaving only us.

        "Where's Zero?" I demand, scanning the room empty cell. 

        "Oh he's fine. Experiencing one of my illusions, but fine."

        "What are you doing to him?" I say, my tone rising as I take a step forward.

         "See for yourself." She says with a smirk.

      Suddenly, Zero appears in the opposite corner of Sylvia, sitting agaisnt the wall, his entire face a deep shade of red as an almost pained rumble sounds from his chest.

       "Zero!" I gasp, standing up in my wheelchair even though my back screams in pain. But then Sylvia is in front of me, and Zero has disappeared again. I can still hear his groans though, coming off every few seconds.

         "Ah, ah, ah. Trust me, this is an illusion he should be enjoying."

        "Would you stop skirting around the subject? Leave, Sylvia, I'm not scared of you." I say, trying to keep my eyes level with her and hope she doesn't call my bluff. The girl almost suffocated me to death with a heel afterall. She glowers, stepping forward.

        "I could show you your worst nightmares. I could make you relive your death over and over again. I can make you watch as I rip your heart out, and then do it for real."

   "Then do it." I challenge, not backing down. 

   I really need to learn how and when to keep my mouth shut.

        She smirks, raising her hand, probably to do exactly what she promised she would, but then a strange expression comes over her face. She snarls, but then jerks her head to the side, as if being slapped an invisible force. She whimpers and lowers her head in submission, and I'm standing there, gaping.

  It has been confirmed. Sylvia is a lunatic.

      Taking this as my chance, I whirla round, gritting my teeth in agony as the skin on my back is shifted around. My dad has taught me a few moves over the years about self defense, not really a lot, but enough to know how to throw a jab straight at her neck.

It knocks Sylvia out of her.....whatever that was she was going through, and she focuses back on me.

      "Didn't think you could use that much force." She says, rubbing her neck and letting out a slight cough, as if she's in awe.

       "I didn't know you could attempt murder. guess we can't judge on appearances." I glower. "Now leave."

"Do not tell me what to do. You may think you're so high and mighty now, but I'll pay you back for that jab ten times over, just you wait. She snarls.

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