23. A Strange Stranger

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My feet hit the wooden floorboard of the ship as I step off the gangplank.

Guards and scientists bustle around me, hurrying to move their things on and get situated. I manage to stop an attendant and ask where my room is located. After receiving a brief set of instructions, I make my way further into the ship, passing the captain's chamber and descending narrow stairs into the heart of the large ship.

Right, right, left. I repeat these instructions in my head while also following them.

Finally, I reach my tiny cabin of a room, with only a small bunk, a dresser, and a round window the size of my head inside. My two suitcases also sit in a corner, with the things I had thought I would need.  For example, a few first aid supplies, extra travel clothes, food, and even more things that would be exactly what you would need if a zombie apocalypse were to occur.

I softly shut the door behind me and make my way to the bed, sitting down just as I feel a slight lurch beneath my feet.

Cheering from the deck sinks below the flooboards to my room, and I can assume the ship has just taken off.

Fighting down my impending seasickness, I carefully lay down on the small cot and wonder where Zero is located on the ship.

Like a crushing wave, sleep sweeps me away.

*                  *                  *                  *                  *

When I wake up, my cabin is dark, and for a second, I start to panic.

Then I notice the slight light coming from the window, and I realize its already night, and the light coming from the window is moonlight.

I rub my eyes, sitting up and stretching. I can't believe I slept that long, but I am also kind of thankful. Hibernating is a way better option to puking my guts up.

I stand up, my knees creaking, just when there's another sudden lurch like the one before I fell asleep.

I fall backwards onto the bed, managing to hit the back of my skull on the wall in the process.

"Ouch!" I say, leaning away and glaring at the stupid wall. I rub the aching spot, waiting a few moments before deciding to stand up again.

I walk over to the window and feel my eyes widen. 

Land! We are approaching a huge island! But it seems the closer we get, the more the waves grow in size.

I pray that when Dad said the captain was the best in the whole U.S. Navy, he meant it.

I glance at the bed, wondering if I should try to hibernate through this one too, but decide against it. It would probably be more beneficial if I could find Dad first. I did come on this trip to protect him afterall.

Speaking of protecting.... . I grab my second suitcase and heave it onto the bed, un-zipping it to reveal tons upon tons of clothes. I cast the clothes aside like garbage, because the clothes are only a distraction, and search for the real thing I had kept hidden.

A sleek, black handle emerges from a fur vest, and I carefully pick it up and take it out of the suitcase.

A simple, standard black pistol. Not too fancy, but equally deadly. I have no idea if it will do any damage against Zero's kind, or any monsters that live on that island, but its better than nothing. I also fail to mention the fact that I have never shot a gun in my life or ever needed too. Ignoring that detail, I twiddle around with the gun, until I'm pretty sure I find what's known as the safety and make sure it's on, I then tuck it into my pants, making sure the t-shirt I wear is billowy enough to hide the strange looking lump.

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