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Holy Lord.
I've reached fifty freaking thousand views.

It's like a dream come true. All the comments, all the votes, I really don't know if they're real or not. It was just two months ago when my book only has barely a thousand. I love you all so much, so here's a chapter in Zero'z p.o.v again. It has some major foreshadowing in it, and let me give you a little clue. Things are about to take a major turn. You'll probably hate me or love me by the end of this book. Well see. This one takes up right after Ashley fainted.

Zero's p.o.v.

Ashley lays in my arms, completely limp.

I'm mentally panicking, wondering what happened, but a small voice in my head tells me I already know.

"Ashie?" I whisper, studying her peaceful face as Becky is yelling in the background for Max, who comes running out of the darkness. He walks closer, approaching us cautiously, and I let out a little growl, not wanting him anywhere near my Ashley.

"I can heal her." Max says calmly.

I still don't trust him, but one look down at Ashley and I realize I don't really have much of a choice. I give one stiff nod of my bead, but refuse to let her out of my arms.

"If you harm her in any way or cause  her any pain besides healing, I will kill you." I say, my tone deadly.

Max nods in understanding before stepping closer and gently taking her wrist, finding her pulse. He nods assuredly to himself, and I take that as a good sigh, letting out a short exhale. I hadn't realised I've been holding my breath.

"We should take her outside. The fresh air will be good and the sunlight might wake her up." Max says.

"Wait what about the Lyncher?" Becky cuts in and I give a stiff nod.

"Trust me, it's gone by now and won't be back till probably Sun down."

If I wasn't holding a faint Ashley in my arms I might have questioned him about how he knew that, instead I let it go, gesturing for Max to go first out the cave, just in case he was wrong about the Lyncher.

When I hear no shouts, I carry Ashley out into the sunlight, relieved to be out of that endless darkness.

"Over here!" Max calls from a spot a few yards away, where he's already constructed a bed of leaves at the base of a tree.

Becky quickly walks over, scowling. "Do you want the Lyncher to come back? No? Then keep it down!"

Max pouts a little at the scolding but I'm too focused on Ashley to particularly care. Very gently, I set her down on the bed of leaves, watching her head fall to the side as she snoozes. At least she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.

But it will come back, my conscious whispers inside my head.

I clench my fists, straightening from the crouch I was in.

Max has already begun the process of healing Ashley, crouching on her other side and extracting light from himself to be used as energy to heal.

I can't stand to look at Ashley, knowing that why she fainted is connected to me.

A suffocating feeling starts taking over, and being near Ashley is only making it worse. I'm at war in my head, one side of me refusing to leave Ashley's side, and the other part of me knowing that if I don't leave now, I might do something I will regret.

Growling, I tear myself away from my Ashie and make a break for the tree line.

Becky calls out in shock and outrage behind me, but I don't turn back.

At least Ashley's in safe hands, is my only comforting thought.

I continue to Sprint, pushing myself because maybe doing that sill make the regret and pain go away.

A time ago, I had wanted to bring Ashley to this island, had almost kidnapped her to do it to, but that was when I had forgotten the reason I left the island in the first place, why I promised myself I could never come back.

Now I'm back and am almost positive that He is on my trail. The whole reason I left my home.

I slow down, still within hearing distance of where Ashley is thanks to my superior hearing. What was I thinking? Coming with Ashley. I've only put her in more danger.

It's a miracle He or my Kinling tribe hasn't found us by now, I think, shaking my head in disappointment at myself.

I realize too late that I've spoken too soon.

Because my ears suddenly pick up a sound, and focusing in on it, I realize it's the sound of heavy boots, getting closer and closer to where Ashley is.

It can't be Lightlings. They only wear slippers if any shoes at all, besides Becky, she's seems like an odd Lightling.

It can't be Kinlings either, because they don't come this far, no matter if they found out I'm here.

It's not the scientists either. They have no hope of catching up to us anytime soon.

That can only mean one thing.

The Darklings are here.

Dear readers, there you have it! It wasn't very long, but it did have some hints in it for one mysteries in this book. You will most likely have so many questions, so let me just tell you before you comment, I REFUSE TO GIVE SPOILERS!! Other than that feel free to ask away. Thanks again for getting me to 50 k views. I bet in no time well be at 100. Love you all. Vote, comment, and eat a Chickfila mint.

Lots of love,


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