27. Merchant Sons and Fainting

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Staring out from the darkness, are two electric blue eyes.

Becky immediately takes a huge step backward, pushing her hands out in the direction of the eyes and shining a bright light on them.

What appears makes me shift towards Zero, my eyes widening.

A blue Wolf, I repeat, a BLUE wolf stands there, hackles raised as he stares at us. He is quite big for a Wolf, which only makes him look even more threatening.

I'm nearly shocked out of my skin when Becky relaxes, letting out a breath.

"What are you doing?" I ask, alarmed. Zero seems to relax beside me to, at ease. Am I the only one here concerned about the giant blue Wolf standing right in front of us?

Becky doesn't pay attention to me though and instead addresses the wolf.

"Were not going to hurt you. Now shift." She demands the wolf, making me utterly confused.

The Wolf relaxes his stance, his tail giving a slight wag, before  he turns his back to us and runs off into the darkness of the cave.

"What was that?" I demand, not taking my eyes off the darkness where the wolf dissapeared into.

"A Lightling." Becky answers nonchalantly.

I stare at her, dumbfounded.

"No way." I argue, burrowing my eyebrows. "I don't see you with pointed ears or a tail."

Becky just rolls her eyes, staring back off into the darkness where the wolf dissapeared to.

"Just wait for it." Is all she says.

Wait for what? I'm about to ask that exact question when the eyes appear in the darkness again. The same intense, electrifying eyes. But then something else appears. A nose. A human one, followed by a human mouth with a human chest and human arms and finally human legs.

A boy stands in the light, looking no older than us, with slightly curled blonde locks and healthy glowing skin. He wears no shirt, only a pair of dry fit basketball shorts. His eyes glow blue, just like the wolf's.

Zero, who's standing beside me, reaches over and gently lifts my jaw up from when it had been hanging open, staring in shock at the human boy.

Before I can open my mouth to scream, talk, or whatever my momentarily scattered brain had decided to do, the boy lifts a hand, giving a small wave.

"Sorry for the un-warm welcome. I thought you were an intruder since a Lyncher was chasing you. I'm Maximus, but you can call me Max."
Becky opens her mouth to respond, but I beat her to it.

"Are you a werewolf?" I blurt out, mentally face palming myself once the words leave my lips.

His eyes shift to mine, interest lighting them up as he gives a huge smile.

"No way, a human! What are you doing here?" Then his eyes trail to Zero, who looks slightly scary standing in the dark, protective mode fully on as he assesses the new unfamiliar person. "And a Kinling? What an odd combination."

"What's so odd about it?" I snap, getting suddenly defensive.

He shakes his head, smiling apologetically. "Nothing at all. Don't mind me. As for your previous question, no, I'm not a werewolf, I'm a Lightling."

I'm still confused.

"Lightlings," Becky cuts in, "Have the power to shapeshift along with the power of light. Just like Darklings have the power to create illusions. Some Lightlings are also occasionally born with the power to heal."

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