Halloween Bonus!

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Happy Halloween! To celebrate, I've decided to write a bonus chapter for you all, as a thank you for being awesome readers. This bonus is basically describing what would happen if all the characters got together for Halloween at Highclere!

Also very importantly, this DOES NOT CORRELATE WITH THE BOOK. Zero is going to be in it, but in the book he has run away, so don't think that Zero is with them now. He's still a runaway.

This is from Ashley 's pov as always, I hope you enjoy!

I stand in front of the mirror, twirling once, then twice, and biting my lower lip.

I have decided to dress like an Assassin  for this special night, and had to wake up early in the morning so I could wander the huge building of Highclere looking for a Darkling who could help me make this costume.

The outfit itself consist of a black, billowing cape and all black body suit. Real daggers gleam at my waist belt, since we couldn't find fake ones, and my knee high boots cling to my calves and make me taller by an inch. My brown hair is pulled up into a ponytail, and I even did my makeup in a very intimidating way.

Sighing, I deem I'm fine, and walk out of the room.

We all agreed to meet in the throne room, so I head there, looking out the Windows in the hall to see the setting sun. It's about to begin.

The guards in front of the doors stand at attention, pulling them open when I'm a few feet away.

I stroll in, unsheathing my daggers in an attempt to make a dramatic entrance.....

Only to realize that no one is here.

I pause, a little confused and miffed that my awesome entrance was ruined. I'm pretty sure I'm on time.

Ugh, don't tell me they're late.

Suddenly, I see a shadow appear over my shoulder from the setting sun, and I whirl around, only to come face to face with a smirking Lager.

"Boo." He says.

I roll my eyes, and then notice his outfit.

"What are you wearing?!???!?" I exclaim, staring in horror at his costume, or lack of costume would probably be a better word for it.

Lager stands in the exact same outfit he always wears. Black tunic with black pants and boots, all tied up with a black cape that is the epitome of dramatic.

"What do you mean?" He asks, looking down at himself with confusion.

"It's Halloween and you're not wearing a costume!" I exclaim.

"Yes I am." He defends, and I shake my head, putting my hands on my hips.

"No you're not. We are almost wearing the exact same thing! And you wear that ever day!"

"I did change. The cape is a dark, dark blue, not black ,so Ha! I am in a costume!"

I slap my forehead, because even if he changed his cape to a dark blue, it's so dark, that if you held it up to black fabric, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

"What are you dressed up as?" I ask, almost scared to hear his response. He pauses, before tilting his head.

"What are you dressed up as?" He counters.

"An Assassin!" I exclaim, getting more frustrated the more we talk.

"Then I guess I'm an Assassin too." He says happily.

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