Bonus Character Interview 2

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"Hello! I'm back!" Dangeroustoken waves excitedly at the "camera". "It was such a hard decision to make on what to do for the bonus part, but I eventually decided on options 3 and a mix of 2 and 1 with the help of you guys! So first we have the character interview, in which I ask even more wacky questions to the characters, and then coming soon I have another character's p.o.v. chapter coming out. Before we begin the Interview, I would like to introduce you to my temporary camera man, Jack!"

The redhead steps out from behind camera and waves, flashing a dazzlingly smile and making Dangeroustoken fan her face jokingly.

"Now, if you don't remember Jack, he's from the beginning of the story. He was one of Ashley's friends who was hired to try and get Zero to adapt to their culture and language, not knowing that he already knew plenty of it. You may also recognize Jack and Ashley's friend Shy, but I couldn't bring her in today, she had seriously bad allergies. Now, I know you're wondering why Jack's my camera man instead of Peter, but that's because Peter one, betrayed Ashley, and two, is currently on a cruise ship right now sipping martini's and trying to forget his sad, puppy love crush who he betrayed and left on an island."

Jack goes back behind the camera after giving a thumbs up, positioning it on Dangeroustoken, who now has a tower of tissue boxes stacked besides her.

Dangeroustoken pats the tower, before looking at the camera. "Okay, I'm set. Let's bring in the first person. She kills people in her sleep, had her name once confused with banana, and may or may not be falling for an electric blue monkey, introducing......Becky!"

Becky, complete in her usual outfit of a t-shirt and jeans, storms  in looking increasingly grumpy with an electric blue scarf wrapped around her shoulders and neck. She plops down into the seat across  From Dangeroustoken, glowering.

"Becky! You've changed outfits since I last saw you at the Q and A. That looks like an....interesting scarf."

"It's not a scarf." She snarls, crossing her arms and glaring down at it.

Suddenly, there's a bright flash of light, blinding everyone in the room for a second.

"Aw, Banana! You blew my cover!"  A boy's voice whines playfully.

Dangeroustoken's face goes white, and she immediately twists in her seat to grab the camera from Jack and block it's view. 

"Don't look! Max, you better get some clothes on right this instant or I'm kicking you out of the interview!" Dangeroustoken warns.

There's a scuffling noise, and then Max calls out that it's fine to look. Relieved she gets out of the camera's way and turns to see Becky, looking horrified like she's seen a ghost, and Max lounging in a chair he pulled up, pants on but completely shirtless with one of his arms lazily wound around the back of Becky's chair.

"Becky, sweetie, what's wrong?" Dangerosutoken questions, looking concerned.

"I saw it." Becky whispers, and Dangerosutoken barely manages to catch the words.

"Saw what?"

"The weenie!" Becky snaps, face flushing a bright red as she turns away, covering her face in her hands.

Max bursts out laughing, and he realizes he made the mistake too late before Becky looks up, red with anger now instead of embarrassment and pushes him out of his chair. There's a thump as he lands harshly on the ground, whining as he rubs his backside.

"Hey! That hurt, woman!" He exclaims, getting up and seating himself carefully back down.

"Don't 'woman' me." Becky scowls, turning away from him and crossing her arms over her chest again with an angry huff.

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