Christmas Bonus

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Hey guys! This is Dangeroustoken speaking. I just wanted to say thank you for sticking through this whole month of December, and also thank you for your support on my Christmas book Christmas With A Cripple. As a reward for your patience, here's a Christmas special in which the cast of Experiment Zero exchange gifts. Hope you enjoy!

"Ashley, Zero, Lager, Max, Becky, Sylvia, and Peter sit around a Christmas tree the morning of the big holiday."

"Dangeroustoken, you know you don't have to narrate, right?" Ashley says, giving Dangeroustoken a flat look.

"Of course I know that!" Dangeroustoken says in a way which lets you know she didn't know that.

"Whatever, can we please just get to the presents?" Sylvia intersects, from where she lounges on a white cushioned couch.

"Where did the couch come from?" Ashley asks, confused, and looks at Dangeroustoken, who looks up guilty from her kindle.

"Ooh! I want a couch too!" Max exclaims, bouncing in his place on the ground between Becky and Peter.

"Who knows? Maybe you might get one as a present." Becky says in a flat tone whole rolling her eyes.

"Really?" Max asks, excited hope in his eyes.

"No, you dingus! Do any of these presents even look close enough to be the size of a couch?" Becky snaps, making Max deflate.

"Time for presents!" Lager intersects, smiling broadly from where he sits beside Ashley.

He tries to put his arm around her shoulders, but at that moment she leans forward, reaching for the first present and making Lager quickly tuck his arm back to his side, pouting at his failed attempt.

"This first one goes to...." Ashley trails off, roaring the present and looking for the name. "Max!"

"Oh yeah!" Max says, holding his hands up as Ashley tosses the box to him. He starts tearing at the paper excitedly. "I bet it's going to be something awesome! Like a pair of cool sunglasses, or a wad of cash, or-"

"Just open it!" Becky snaps.

He pulls open the box, a smile lighting up his features, only for it to fade immediately.

"What did you get?" Ashley asks, leaning forward to see.

Max wordlessly pulls out a blue shirt with a picture of a money on the front and the words 'I like to go bananas' on it.

Everyone immediately starts laughing, even Sylvia chuckles before catching herself and sniffing in disdain.

"Who gave you that?" Lager asks, a corner of his mouth turned up.

"I did." Becky says proudly, and Max jerks his head towards her, flabbergasted. "I'm an amazing gift giver, aren't I? Also, there's matching socks in there."

Max pulls out a pair of blur socks with bananas all over them. "Gee, thanks."

"You're welcome." She says brightly, her expression closer to a smile than I've ever seen. She leans over, his mouth in a direct line to his cheek, and Max's whole body tenses in excitement, when she suddenly changes the direction of her face, turning to look at Ashley. "So who's next?"

Ashley gapes at the smirking Becky and deflated looking Max before snapping out of it and picking up the next present.

"This one is for......Sylvia."

"Sylvia?!?!" Everyone in the group says at the exact same time, all of them shocked.

Sylvia flips her hair, holding out a hand. "Of course. I bet it's super expensive. Someone finally gets me."

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