Chapter 1, Getaway car

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The rain poured on the windows. Her sea-blue eyes follow the greenery, her fingers intertwined in his. He moves the gear stick and pushes against the peddles and they drive faster through the countryside. They're hiding, that's what they call it, escaping from the horrors that make you the cry in despair, to the daydream of faraway lands; filled with high pitched laughter and eternal smiles. She needed an excuse to travel around the globe. She aches to run her hands through another head of hair. He craved a break, a different experience, somebody to sweep him off his feet and leave him wondering what happened. Her thoughts drift, she reflects on the past, the people she's trying to forget. The year and three months in someone else's arms. Her attention shifts to the highway as they twist and curves through the trees and fields. Noticing how the water streaks on the glass. The pair remains in a deathly silence, the only conversation, an awkward glare. As they inch further from the city. The storms calming and she parts her crimson red lips into a grin. Her pearly whites on display to the entire world. "What's funny?" he inquires, "Nothing... I'm glad" she laughs. She turns up the radio and winks at him. Her body swerves with the music and her eyes dance. As they turn forward, they see as the hills slopes and the chimneys reaching up to the sky. Hear the as the tarmac road changes to gravel. He swings the car around and reverses into the driveway. She tugs at the handle and jumps out, her heels sinking between the stones. He follows her, enclosing her hand in his, he pulls her closer and kisses her forehead. A fresh start right before them. "Are you happy now?", "More than words can describe".

The pebbles shake under her legs; he leads her through the pathway. They've been feeling lost, forgetting why they came here, what they fought for, what they wanted. She picks up a stone and hurls it as far as she's able into the ocean. He helps her up onto higher rocks and they lay together; he holds her hand and traces the lines. They glance at each other but no words escape their mouths. There's something there, something electric. They smile and take a couple photos, struggling to make their relationship normal. They stay in silence for almost an eternity. He opens his mouth trying to create a conversation. "Rhode Island huh?" he says, "Yeah, this place is amazing, you can be free here... if you know what I mean," she responds. "No, I understand, it's just you, me and the sea. Here, nobody's between us," he beams at her, he can't see anything except her. She lets off a flirty giggle, but looks away. "No, not like before," She murmurs, "Hey... Taylor, look at me". She turns to him, her eyes swimming in the sadness that has consumed her over the past few days. "What are you so afraid of?" Tom asks, "You...". He stares at her, bewildered, what could she mean him? "I'm sorry, it's not you. I've given up so much for us, I can't figure out why. This, us, terrifies me. What's going through my head, you can't describe it..." she explains. The wind blows against her arms and she shudders, maybe it's a mix of the unknown and the weather, but she can't stop shaking. He removes his jack and wraps it around her shoulder. "Here, you smile less when you're cold," Tom laughs, she smiles back at him, growing more comfortable beside him. "You are such a gentleman. I feel so lucky" Taylor chuckles, "I'm not a gentleman, I take care of those who mean something to me," Tom responds. She glares at him. "What do I mean to you then?" she inquires, "Well you're... an angel who's come to show me the right path. You're a gorgeous delicate flower, who I want to treat like a princess for the rest of my life. Whether that is ten years or a hundred, I'll be here for you Taylor," He grins, "There certainly is nobody quite like you," she giggles. He loves that laugh, it's like music to his ears, a reminder that she is happy, accompanied by her breath-taking smile and the way her face lights up. The Taylor that nobody else has the luxury of knowing, the Taylor he cherishes and is lucky to have, the Taylor he's falling in love with. He leans in closer, stares at her tender lips, just about to touch when he hears a click. They shift and face the cameras, which had gone unnoticed this past hour. "Wow, they honestly do follow you around," Tom sighs, "Please don't let that ruin today," Taylor begs, "I don't intend to," he smirks. He hauls her closer and their lips lock, she's taken by the excitement, but she doesn't want to let go. The snaps of the camera sound becoming increasingly distant as they concentrate on each other. Nothing else in the world matters when he's with her. It's like a thousand fireworks had just been let off and it's all in that moment of contact between them. He pulls back and they smile at each other. "Wow," she breathes. They rest there looking into each other's eyes. They forget the past and instead think about the future. He stands up and takes her hand. He walks in front of her, letting his grip relax. She steps forward and encloses her arms around him. They laugh and he pulls her next to him. They walk side by side in synchrony along the waterfront, neglecting the photographers following them. Maybe he isn't a rebound.

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