Chapter 6, Delicate

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*Swear word warning*

"So what? That's it? You're just going to stay in Australia forever?" she snaps. Their blood boiling and the anger spilling. "No, if you were just a little fucking patient, but no, Queen Taylor has to have everything her way," he yells through the speaker. She grips onto her phone tighter, using all her willpower not to through it out the window. "I'm so fucking sorry that I care and want to spend time with the person I love, they're supposed to want the damn same thing as well," she screams, "I do want it, I just have other priorities," he shouts. He lets out a cry, pushing a chair across the room. "Well if I'm not so important anymore, why do we bother? It would seem everything is a higher priority than me," she cries, "Sure, if that's what you want to fucking think, then fucking think it. Don't come to me crying though, and don't expect me to come running back," he slams down on the run button and drops his phone. He takes a breath and drops his body on the sofa. He flicks through TV channels, looking at the screen, but not watching. His mind racing at 100 miles per hour, thinking about her. She tosses her phone across the room, her body hits the walls, and her skin slides against the paint as she falls in tears. What has she done? Please let that not be it, they have something too special for that to be it. 

She pulls her body up, she picks up her phone, looking at the shattered glass. She gently places it down on the table. Her feet drag against the soft carpet. He stares aimlessly at the moving screen, he watches two people he doesn't know proclaim their 'love' for each other, as if they know what love is. His heart aches for her, he battles with his mind to keep her out his thoughts but her blonde hair runs through his imagination, and he thinks how nice her soft red lips would feel pressed against his right now. She walks around her garden, the fresh air floods her lungs. The gravel sticks between her toes, the softs leaves brush against her bare skin. Her hair flies in the wind and the tears trickle down her cheeks. She dances slowly, thinking about the first night they met. She spins around, the colours of the flowers dancing with her. Her vision blurred by the tears, the emotions overflowing.

Touch down. He stares and waits for the little red light to turn off. Her unclips himself and picks up his case, it drops into his arms from the overhang and he walks out the door. Women with painted faces and excessive smiles waves him off. He watches as the bags move slowly round and round, he lifts his handle and takes a deep breath. The doors slide open and the wind hits his face. He gets into the nearest yellow cab he can see. He whispers the address to the driver, conscious passersby can hear. He watches as the buildings thin into greenery, he looks out the window, watching the bees and the birds. He sees the house as it reaches over the hills, the white walls jumping out from the blue ocean, it reminds him of her beautiful eyes. He rolls up on the driveway and looks up to the stairs. The trunk pops and the weels of his case sink between the gravel. He pauses, staring at the large white door. He uses thoughts of her to compel him as he lightly taps on the wood. He hears soft footsteps, and the door slowly moves open, and his eyes meet hers. Her red lips part as she breaks into a smile. She leans in and jumps into his arms. He lets go of the cases and his arms and clung tightly around her waist. "Tom! You came back," she exclaims. He spins her round and round, starring into her ocean blue eyes. She can't stop smiling, back in his arms at last. She rests her head on his chest, tightening her grip. "I will always come back for you Taylor... always," he promised. She smiles at him, and time felt as if it had stopped. Her heart beating fast as the world around her fades and she focuses on him. "I love you," she says, "I love you too," he kisses her forehead and she reached out to tap his nose. He grabs her finger and spins her around. "Not today," he laughs. He instead tickles her, she shrieks and crumbles to the floor in laughter, rolling around. He forgot how ticklish she was.

He pulls his bags inside and rests them against a piece of furniture. He takes her hand, pulling her towards him. He holds both her hands in his, standing looking at her. They smile at each other. She taps his nose and runs off. He chases after her, running through the rooms. "Taylor? Where are you?" he yells. He can hear her giggles from behind a door. He walks slowly to the sound of her voice, standing still in silence. He burst through the door and she laughs. He falls back onto the carpet next to her. She rolls over resting her head on his chest. Their gaze meets. He winks at her. 

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