Chapter 5, Nice Things

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She opens the door again, smiling at the guest. He sees them around the corner in Red, White and Blue. The colours invade his vision. This is a day he's never celebrated before. Back home they tell jokes about 'Treason day' and the extreme patriotism of a nation. He looks to her, her blonde hair shining in the sun. She turns back and smiles, she even winks. He makes her walk into the unknown and do things he's never really done before, but he loves it.

They run through the sand and jump into the cold sea. The sunlight sparkles around them, and the cool salty water splashes against their bodies. She takes his hand as the runaround. They push against each other's bodies. The high pitched laughter can be heard from all parts of the beach as they celebrate American Independence. She wraps her arms around him, and they share a celebratory kiss. Her friends laugh and joke. He wears a T-Shirt, given to him by one of her friends. They laugh and make fun of him, but he laughs too. She drew a silly heart on his arm to complete his book and they fall in fits of laughter. He only wanted to keep his shirt dry. They stand together, arm in arm, and take a photo filled with smiles and laughs. Her hair soaked, his shoulder's burnt. They slowly walk out, their legs making ripples in the water. She can't wipe that smile off her face as she looks at him. Her friends chuckle and laugh, an eyebrow is raised and a couple of winks. They elbow each other and share silly jokes. Their feet touch the hot sand as they walk up the rocks back to her home. They change, and laugh, as they slowly dry their hair. They pose for Instagram, holding a flag in their hand. They slide down the inflatable plastic, Red, White and Blue. She wraps her arms around him. "Hold tight," he says. They slide down the water, and she laughs in his ear. It's like a sweet melody. They come to the ground and crash into each other. Her head lands on his laps and she looks into his beautiful eyes. He ruffles his hand through her hair and smiles down at her. "Get a room," Karlie yells. Taylor looks up and laughs, she stands up and wobbles on the cushion of air. He follows after her and reaches for her hand. They connect and look to each other. Her friends make notions and laugh at the couple. The pair looks at each other and shrug. It's a public holiday after all. If they can't have fun now, when can they ever?

She towel dries herself and peels off her swimsuit. She pulls on a pair of shorts and a shirt. She does up the buttons and looks at herself in the mirror. She turns slowly and smiles. She pulls back her hair hairs and pushes her feet into her sneakers. She opens her door and there he stands. "How is it you make yourself look amazing in everything you wear?" he asks. She smiles at him and sticks her tongue out. "I don't know, I'm just pure awesome," she laughs, "I'm not joking Taylor... you're honestly breathtakingly beautiful," he replies. She blushes bright pink and grins from ear to ear. He smiles back at her and winks. She reaches her hand out to him and he takes it. They walk down the stairs and onto her back porch. She looks at him, thinking about the rumours, the confusion, what her fans think, what her family thinks. She doesn't even care, not one bit, because he just makes it all go away, he makes it all worth it. He pulls at her arm and she walks closer, she leans back and falls onto his lap. They laugh and look at each other. People are so judgemental, they think they know exactly what they're thinking, exactly why they're together, what they want. They're wrong, some stupid rumour about PR stunts and lord knows what else isn't going to stop them. Nothing really matters. He holds a glass in his hand, she holds him close. They lean in closer until their noses touch. Staring deeply into each other eyes, almost unsettling to passersby. A photo is snapped, but do they even notice. They can't look away, trapped in the gaze of one another. She smiles, he smiles. Connected. Perfected.

She holds a sparkler, and he stands behind her. His hand wrapped around his as they trace the light in the air. She laughs. He traces 'I love you' and she turns back and looks at him. He kisses her forehead, she taps his nose. She smiles at him. The sparkler reaches the end of it's light and she drops it on the floor. She turns around and faces him and they kiss. His arms move down her back and along her shirt. Hers move up into his hair, where she ruffles it around, the soft strands reaching between her smooth palms. Electric. They can hear the soft whistles as a rocket is list, and the colours light up their faces as the firework goes off. She moves her body, not letting go of him. She faces the sky as it lights up in pinks, blues and green. She holds on tightly to his hand, and he wraps his arm around her. She leans on his shoulder as the American night comes to an end. Surrounded by her friends and the people she loves. They laugh and joke together as they watch the night come to an end. They've celebrated everything that was her growing up, everything that bought her these amazing friends. Ed sits in his Red Coat, proudly announcing the end of 'Treason day', he laughs, understanding the joke. Some familiarity in this foreign land. 'Proud providers of Independence days in 59 countries' Ed jokes, Tom looks up and chuckles too, 'I didn't know it was that many,' he chuckles, 'nor did I, I found it on google,' Ed laughs. The party of friends laugh together and their strange British friends. 'You were always such an ungrateful colony, one bit of trouble and you just throw your tea right out the pram,'. Maybe it's a mix of the alcohol, or it's the fireworks, but nobody can stop laughing. 'I think we may be taxed more now that we were before anyway,' Karlie adds. The laughter continues. She presses a button on her old radio, and the sound of music rings in their ears. He looks at her and winks. He takes her hand and rests his other on her waist. She puts her arm on his shoulder and looks up into his blue eyes. They smile as their feet dance around on the floor. They spin round and round, the colours of the rainbow surrounding them, nothing standing between them. They smile and laugh and their friends around follow in their footsteps. A beautiful ending to their evening.

They slowly walk up the stairs, holding the giggles, doing nothing but smile at each other. She unbuttons her shirt and lets the soft fabric slip down her arms. She tosses it to the side and looks back to him. She fiddles with her shorts, getting herself tangled in the fabric. She kicks them across her room before falling back into her bed. He sneaks up behind her, running his soft hands along her back and around her waist. She looks back at him and smiles. His warm skin touching hers and she feels safe. She lets her eyes slowly shut, but in the darkness of her dreams, all she can see his him. Everything she sees is him.

He walks through the gates, and she sighs, she can't follow him through there. She sighs and waves a desperate wave. Nobody said that goodbye's where easy. She sighs as she watches him walk away, he turns around and blows her a kiss. She smiles a sad smile and turns away. The door is held open for her, as tears swim in her eyes, she throws her body against the seat and reaches her hand out to the window. She watches as his plan sore high above the skies to a land far far away, she looks up as the wind parts the clouds to another land. She listens to the sound of the engines spin at thousands of miles per hour. Eventually, she listens to the birds as they sing their song, and her own car as the wheels slowly move towards her home. She watches the greenery flies past her window and keeps her eyes on the sky, almost in the hope he might turn around and return to her arms. Distance is hard, time is hard, love is hard. Making something that can last thousands of mile of distance and oceans and undiscovered land. That's hard, something they're not sure they've mastered.

She hears his voice on the other side of the phone and smiles, he reassures her and tells her stories of what he's done today. She smiles and laughs, and agrees politely. In her head is a storm of what she could do if he were here or she was there. "How the US?" he asks, "Same as always, there's a lot of drama and a lot of people, and it's a lot quieter without you," Taylor laughs, "Is that because you have nobody to talk to? So now you just sit there in silence?" he replies. Taylor chuckles, he's so mean sometimes. She holds the phone a little closer, the cord ravelling around her finger. "I think I better get going, it's getting pretty late here, I'll talk to you tomorrow though," he says. She sighs and takes a deep breath. "Talk to you tomorrow then," she replies. She sets the phone down and sighs again. She looks around her room for inspiration. Instead, she falls back onto her sofa. She turns on her TV staring at blank and broken channels. She skips program after program, unable to settle. She shuffles around on her seat and tossing her body from side to side. Why is he on her mind? Why can't he just get out... what's so captivating, addictive even, about him?

She closes her eyes and is taken away into a land far far away. She sees Tom, and she runs as fast as she can, but she doesn't get any closer. She runs faster and faster but he gets further and further away. Then suddenly she's surrounded by the grounds of Oheka Castle, from her music video. She walks around confused. Then she sees an old face, Calvin, the looks in another direction, but she sees herself, beckoning her ex closer. She watches as she dances with him, her blood boiling. As if she'd ever go back to that. Suddenly the image becomes distorted, and her ex is replaced with Tom. She smiles and walks closer, but it doesn't seem right, it looks as though she's arguing with him. She continues to watch until sees him walk away. He walks through the ground, and beyond the horizon, not looking back. She runs to him, trying to get closer, but she wakes herself up. She sits upright, breathing heavily. Not sure what she just dreamt, but it couldn't be anything to do with what's happening now. She takes a moment to calm herself down, trying not to think about anything to do with Tom or her wretched ex. She lays back down. What if it means something? What if she and Tom are doomed? Her phone lights up, and she picks it up. 100 notification flood her screen. On every photo, a snake is found beneath. Nasty comments and hurtful words flood her eyes. She presses on a link and finds disconnected videos connected in one, and her voice having a conversation she never had. They've made a liar and a fool of her, and none of it is even true.

 They've made a liar and a fool of her, and none of it is even true

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