Chapter 4, Call It What You Want

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The plane shakes as it lands, she holds his hand and leads him outside. The heat hits them, and she takes off her jacket. Somewhere they wouldn't think to look, Rome, Italy. They walk along the hot pavement. It feels like a dance, trying not to overheat on the boiling pebbles below their feet. It was a silly choice to land a midday. They walk to the car, the door swings open for them and they get into the back. She presses the dial and turns on the air conditioning. The cold air hits their faces and she snuggles next to him. There is really nowhere she'd rather be. Through the window, they can see the streets of Rome, the heat creates a dream-like look across the city, the buildings are tall and the streets are low. As the car stops in front of the hotel, she takes his hand, uncertain. He smiles at her and gives her a nod. He steps out first, then extends his hand to help her. Like the perfect gentleman, he takes her bags. His hand grips tightly around the handles and the wheels trundle along the floor. She follows after him, putting on a pair of sunglasses. As they walk into the lobby, she stares, wide-eyed as the metal sparkles back in her face. So this is Rome? There's something just so peaceful in the air, it's just wonderful. She looks at him. "Wow," she breathes, "I would have thought this was what you were used to," he chuckles, "You'd have thought," she replies. She leans on him as they walk up the stairs. Their room doesn't fail to disappoint. She falls back onto the bed and looks up the beautifully decorated ceiling. He lays down next to her. A couple that doesn't need grand gestures, or $100 outings, for them, just being next to each other is more than enough. They face each other and smile. Another perfectly beautiful moment, alone at last.

He takes her hand, the afternoon offers a much cooler temperature, they walk to the city centre, beautiful buildings spring up around every corner, flowers bloom from almost every window. The pavements looking more golden than the yellow brick road. They walk hand in hand, perfect synchrony, perfect smiles, perfect everything. In a world of their own. Why care about what everyone else has to say when what everyone else has to say doesn't affect you? He wraps his arm around her and they stand on the street. She turns her camera around, and the flash is almost blinding. They smile as they permanently save this memory on paper. They look at each other, their lips lock. When they pull away and can't stop smiling, staring into each other's eyes. Perfectly happy. One foot in front of the other, following the road. They step into a quiet restaurant. "Table for two," he whispers. The waitress smiles and sits them down. He doesn't let go of her hand beneath the table. He lightly kisses the back of her hand and she lets out a flirtish giggle. It feels electric like everything is building up between them, all it takes is another spark for fireworks to go off.

As they get back into their room, there's something in the air that just seems to attract the two. As she looks at her phone, she knows everybody saw everything. Instead of worrying, she just stands up and walks around the room, she sits at a piano, which looks like it hasn't been touched in years. She taps lightly on the keys and begins to hum, she thinks about her argument with Kim and Kanye. "My Castle crumbled overnight," she sings softly. Tom walks over and puts her hands on her shoulders. She looks to him, "I bought I knife to a gunfight," she continues to sing. Tom looks at her, "Are you writing a song?" he asks, she nods, "I guess the princess of pop has to do what she has to do," he chuckles. She smiles as she thinks of her next lyric. "They took the crown but it's alright," she sings. Tom walks around and leans against the piano. "All the liars are calling me one, nobody's heard from me for months, I'm doing better than I ever was," the lyrics come slowly, but the more she looks at Tom, the more inspiration she gets. She opens her mouth and smiles, she belts out her next lyric, "Cause, my baby's fit like a daydream, walking with his head down, I'm the one he's walking to," she sings, "So call it what you want," Tom sings, trying to contribute. "I like it," Taylor laughs, "yeah call it what you want to, my baby's fly like a jet stream high above the whole stream, loves me like I'm brand new" she continues to sing. Something about this song just flows so much better when she looks at him. rThen she thinks about everything between Kim and Kanye, and realises, she doesn't care when she's with him, with every lyric she smiles at him. He pulls out his phone and starts to record her. Her voice sounding like angels, and her face lights up with every word she says. Her fingers press softly against the keys. Her hand flies across the piano, as the ideas flow. Whenever she gets stuck, she takes one look at him, into his eyes, and she knows exactly what to say. As she comes to the end, her hands slow down, he smiles at her and puts down his phone. He claps and gives her a hug, she smiles. "That was beautiful," he says, "I only sang about us," she admitted. She looks around to see if she can spot a notepad. Tom slips away to their bedroom and picks one up for her. She rushes to scribble down what she can remember of the song but she just can't wipe that smile off her face. He claps again and she puts the paper down. He takes her hand and pulls her in. "You're such an amazing singer, I could listen to your voice for days," he admits. She blushes, he's just so irresistible, how did she manage without him? They lie down next to each other, trapped in each other's arms. She kisses his cheek, he kisses her forehead, she taps his nose and they laugh. For once, sleeping is impossible, because the reality is better than any dream they could have.

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