Chapter 3, Don't Blame Me

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She wakes up, feeling refreshed. She looks at him, and she just knows, she's the one for him. Nobody else will do. A breeze comes in through the window, brushing lightly against her arm. She moves closer to him, his eyes flicker open. He sees her face and remembers his dream. He smiles and takes a hold of her hand under the covers. They lay there together, not needing to move, not needing to get up, not needing to be anywhere but right here. "This is perfect," she says, he nods agreeing with her, "I'm honestly so lucky to have you," he smiles, "You're lucky? I'm the lucky one, I have this perfect British gentleman, and he's here, in my bed, and he's all mine. I think you'll find, I'm the lucky one," she laughs. He pulls her closer and kisses her forehead, she taps his nose, that's kind of becoming their thing now. "You know... I don't think I ever want to be anywhere but here," she smiles, "No, nor do I. I promise you, Taylor, I'm going to do everything I can to keep us together," he agrees. They slowly pull themselves out from under the covers. He pulls on his shift, fiddling to do up the buttons. She pulls a dress on over her head. She picks up a brush and begins to lightly dab her foundation onto her skin. He looks at her in the mirror. "You know you don't need that," he comments, "What do you mean?" she asks, "I've seen you both with and without makeup, and I think you look stunning no matter what," he replies. He kisses her cheek and pulls on his trousers. He begins to lace up his shoes as she glides the lipstick over her lips. She pulls a brush through her hair. He walks over and puts his hand on top of hers, he takes the brush out her hands and takes over. She does up the buckles on her shoes. He puts the hairbrush down and the turn and face each other. She smiles at him. He stands up and extends his hand to her. He helps her up and they walk downstairs. He turns on the stove and looks through her fridge. He slowly begins to fry her some eggs as she puts some bacon in the grill. Despite not saying a word to each other, they work in perfect synchrony. "You know Tom... I think you might actually be the one," she says. Tom turns to face her and smiles, "What makes you say that?" he asks, "Well... every time I see you, I get butterflies that can't be contained, and when you aren't here, even if it's for a second, I miss you. It's something I can't describe, and something I've never felt with anybody before... so I think you might be the one," she explains. His lips part into a big grin and he takes a hold of Taylor, putting his hands on her waist. They're locked in a kiss together and nothing else matters except each other. How can every kiss with him feel like the first? 

Her phone goes off, she doesn't want to break off but as the notifications become more rapid, she takes a hold of the tiny device. That's when she sees it. A wax figure of her, just showing everything, she hears the lyric, 'I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that bitch famous,' she looks with despair at her phone trying to hold it all in. Her emotions all building up, she can feel her legs shake as she gets more upset. Tom puts a hand on her shoulder. "Is everything okay?" he asks. She turns around, trying to hold it in, but she can't. She bursts into tears and cries into his shirt. He doesn't know what happened. He looks at her phone which she left on the side. He can see the video, the wax figure and the lyrics that come up on the screen. He leans over and turns the phone off, he feels disgusted, he doesn't know who posted that, or why, but he feels disgusted at whoever they are. "Who was it Taylor?" he asks, trying to contain his anger, "Nobody, it doesn't matter Tom," she sobs. She lets go, grabs her phone and runs upstairs. He doesn't run after her, instead, he takes out his own phone, 'Kanye West' that name also rings a bell. He feels disappointed in the industry but also for Taylor. Is this the sort of things people do to elevate themselves? He walks upstairs, he can hear Taylor Sob. He's about to walk in, he hears another voice, it sounds female. He looks around and sees Taylor on the phone. He can hear the cracks in her voice as she tries not to cry, and the calm voice with the undertone of anger on the other side of the phone. He knocks on the door and Taylor turns to look at him. "Can I come in?" he asks, she nods and moves over on the bed. He sits next to him. She hangs up and tosses her phone to the side. Tom puts an arm around her and she leans against him, tears silently trickling down her cheek. "Tay, I don't really know what happened, but whatever it is, you know I'll be here for you?" he says, she nods, "It'll be okay," he reassures her. she buries her head into his shirt and they sit in silence. That's all she needed though, to have somebody to sit with her, as she tries to understand what just happened. Slowly the sadness turns to anger and she begins to sit up. "I just can't believe it, I considered them my friends," she sighs, "Sometimes people don't realise what they're doing wrong Taylor," Tom tries, "But you'd have thought a little common sense would come into play, it can't have been an 'in the moment' decision, to make that video, it would have had to take a good few weeks," she replies, slowly getting angrier, "And sometimes people you think are your friends, aren't really," Tom continues. Taylor takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself down. She nods her head and leans against him. "I've had a thought," Tom says, she looks at him puzzled, "Well I've met your parents, and I think it's only fitting we do the reverse. So how would you like to meet my parents?" Tom asks. Taylor smiles, slowly becoming herself again and she nods her head. That's what she really needs, a couple days away, with the man she loves.

He knocks on the door and steps back, he takes a hold of her hand and waits for the wooden door to slowly move to reveal his mum. He lets go of her hand to hug his mum, she smiles at him and looks to the girl he bought along. "Mum, I'd like you to meet Taylor Swift, my girlfriend," he says. His mum steps forward and gives her a hug, "It's lovely to meet you, my dear," Diana says, Taylor smiles and shakes his mother's hand. She looks to him for approval. He takes her hand and leads her inside. "So is this the lovely young lady I've been hearing all about?" Diana asks, "It is indeed, mother," Tom replies. He's beaming with pride as he intertwines his fingers with hers. His mother smiles at the couple and sits down. "Would you like a cup of tea?", they both shake their heads. She can't stop smiling, his mother is such a sweet woman, she can see where Tom gets it from, she looks to the man she loves, but he looks back puzzled. He can't understand exactly how much she loves him. His mother suggests they go on a walk. She takes a hold of his hand and they walk down the streets of England. She keeps her eyes on him, not caring what everyone else thinks, not caring if they get seen, only caring about him. She can feel his mother's eyes watching her, she can only hope that she likes her. She squeezes his hand and they look at each other. He mouths 'are you okay?' and she nods and smiles. His mother telling stories about when Tom was little and the silly things he used to do. Taylor laughs to herself, imagining Tom when he was younger. She thinks he would have been a clumsy child, but that would only make her laugh at him. She can see him going slowly pinker as he gets embarrassed. She nudges him with her hip. "It's only fair, you met my parents," she whispered. He raises an eyebrow and chuckles quietly. She turns and looks to his mother, who is still talking. She smiles and nods, trying to keep up with the fast pace one-way conversation. "You've really got to prepare yourself Taylor, this boy can be an absolute handful," his mother jokes, "Well mother, I've been looking after myself these past 17 years," Tom laughs, "Is that what you call it? I thought you were just making movies and running home," his mother replies. Taylor laughs loudly and looks at Tom, "I think I've learnt more about you in these past few minutes that I ever will in a lifetime with you," Taylor laughs, "Is that the way you're going? Definitely not a short-term thing is she Tom?" His mother asks, "No mother, I'm not such a fool as to waste this beautiful girl on a fling," he replies coolly. Taylor smiles at him and rests her head on his shoulder. They slowly turn around and walk back to his mother's house. Taylor looks at him, "Your mother really nice, but she's very honest," she says, "Yeah, she is, but you'll get used to it. Also, I think she likes you," he replies, "Really??" she asks. He nods and she has a little jump for joy, he laughs at her, sometimes she acts more like a child than her actual age. The bushes wave gently in the wind, and the breeze lightly moves their hair and clothing. She leans in closer looking for a bit of walms. She looks up to the sky, getting a bit more used to England, the sun beams down on them, as though lighting the couple up in all their glory. He squeezes her hand and even just that little bit of contact feel electric. Even the wind seems to push the two closer, as he holds onto her tightly, keeping her warm. It brings her back to their first kiss on the rocks, where he gave her his coat to stop her shaking, the way he leant in and how soft his lips felt on that cold day. She feels his arm wrapped tightly around her body and the way he holds onto her so protectively. It makes her feel so safe. The ground beneath her feet is soft, and the walk is gentle. She feels as though she could close her eyes and rely on him to guide her safely back. It's something she can't truly explain. She knows that the media and her fans don't understand what's going on but he makes her feel things she can't really understand. She walks a little closer and closer, listening to the sound of busy streets and moving cars, she can hear distant conversations of people she's never met, and hear as their shoes touch the ground as they walk further and further. She looks up at him and smiles. She thinks of the old songs she used to sing about love and thinks about how they perfectly describe this situation. She hums tunes from long forgotten albums and imagines a world where it's nobody but her and him, and in that moment she is perfectly content with everything she has, and for once, she couldn't wish for more.

 She hums tunes from long forgotten albums and imagines a world where it's nobody but her and him, and in that moment she is perfectly content with everything she has, and for once, she couldn't wish for more

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