Chapter 2, Dancing with our hands tied

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She slips on her jeans and wriggles as she does the top buttons. She turns to face him and flashes him a smile. He peers at her, giving her that look people merely dream about. He grabs her hand and pulls her closer, kissing her forehead. She touches the tip of his nose and giggles. They relax on her sofa, smothered by her cats, who meows at the couple. Her cheeks turn a soft pink as she blushes. She knows she's lucky to have him here beside her. She reaches over and switches the radio on; they stare at each other as the music plays, she's beaming, not wanting to be anywhere but here in his arms. In that perfect moment, it comes on, the song they danced to, fell in love to, 'Crazy in love'. He rises and reaches for her hand. "If we can't dance to this, then there's honestly no hope," Tom jokes. He whirled her round, keeping a steady grip. Her feet dance about on the creamy carpet, but she doesn't take her eyes off him. Thinking about the Met Gala; that incredible night with him. He was nothing she imagined he was, but everything she dreamt him to be. They laugh as they inch closer together, sparks fly and everything's perfect in this extraordinary moment. He's everything he'd been searching for, what she's always craved. He gently places his hand settling on her waistline as he draws her closer. She glances up at him, her eyes telling him what she can't say. The music comes to an end and the dancing stops. They face each other, taking deep breaths. He leans toward her when they're interrupted by notifications. Taylor breaks away, her phone lighting the room. She picks it up and sighs. She looks at Tom. "Could I ask a favour?" Taylor groans, "What's the favour?" A concerned Tom asks, "Meet my mum?" Taylor sighs. She shows him the text. Tom laughs and nods, "Sure, I don't mind, it would be nice to get to know your family," Tom smiles. She drops the phone and hugs him. He's so perfect, how did she get so lucky?

She tugs at the handbrake and draws a deep breath. "Here goes nothing," Taylor breathes. He grips her hand, she hasn't felt this nervous since her first tour. Is it that she cares too much? She sees her mum open the gate, with an immense grin, and she sighs. "It'll be okay, don't worry," Tom suggests. He places his palm on her knee and beams at her, she nods and gets out the car. Her legs shake as she walks towards her parents, and she wears a timid smile as she inches towards the door. Tom looks so composed, he shakes her father's hands and smiles. He's remarkably good with them. Maybe it's his acting. She steps closer and her mum hugs her. She smiles and leads the couple inside. They've only been together for about 18 minutes and he's already meeting her mum, what is this absurdity? Andrea flashes her an encouraging thumbs up and they stroll through the house. He sits next to her and shuffles on the sofa. "You seem to have a thing for the British, Tay," Scott jokes, Taylor lets off an uneasy laugh accompanied by a dirty look. "Thanks, dad," Taylor replies, "So... how did you meet?" Andrea asks. Taylor knows full well her mum's already read the story; why else would she have requested to meet him so abruptly? "It was at the Met Gala, Mrs Swift," Tom responds, "You can call me Andrea. I don't want to hear any of this 'Mrs Swift' nonsense," Andrea chuckles, "Well alright then, Andrea," Tom smiles. There's a small, unsettling awkward silence. Taylor fumbles with her purse. "So what went on then... when you met?" Scott asks, "Come on dad, this isn't an interrogation," Taylor laughs nervously. "Of course it's not, we're genuinely interested," Andrea replies. "We were at the same table and the Weekend was playing; Taylor said something like 'the thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance,' so we got up to dance. I couldn't exactly let her get away without getting her number. When I wake up to it all over the internet, there was a bit of an obsession with the whole situation honestly. So the next day, I messaged her, and we kept in touch," Tom answers, keeping his eyes locked on her, he smirks and holds onto her, they relax a little. Andrea smiles. She looks at her mother in confusion. "I'm sorry, I haven't seen you so happy with someone in so long," her mother explains. She chuckles and parks herself beside to her mum, giving her a lengthy, and much needed, hug. There's something just so extraordinary about what's here in this room, as her mum beams at her boyfriend, her mind wonders, thinking of the possibility this could last, wondering about the chance she's found him, after all this hunting, her British gentleman.

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