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Not interested in Hiddleswift? That's fine! Skip to chapter 7 please ^^) (or 6 if you want to read their breakup XD)

She spent nearly 15 months with the man everybody thought was 'the one' for her, but what happened after she left him, hopped in her so-called 'Getaway car'. At only 26, Taylor stumbles through two difficult years, being known for everything she isn't, trying to find herself, needing to find herself, and eventually, showing her true self to the world and praying they accept her for who she is

Hello everyone, it's Violet. Signing back in, I'm back, I'm better than ever and I'm more prepared with chapters XD this is the story of what Taylor Swift did in her year away (or at least my take on it) starting with her breakup with Adam, right up until now, I will be relying on the news to sort of guide me on what happened and also a bit of you guys helping with ideas. I myself have taken 2 years off Watpad! So excuse me if my writing is a little rusty. This story is dedicated to everyone, everyone who is sat behind their computar, up way past their bedtime, reading this in their lunchbreak, at breakfast.

To my old friends, if you ever see this, thank you, you continue to inspire me years after we stopped talking. Thank you for every word we shared, for every idea you gave me. For all your help and support

To my loyal followers, thank you for still being here after all this time. Thank you for believing in me through every cheesy word and every cringy conversation. Thank you for always having faith in what I wrote

To all my new follows. Thank you for visiting my profile, I hope you get the chance to lose yourself in the words that I write, just as I have secretly been doing with all your amazing stories.

To everyone who has opened my books. You guys are amazing, I hope guys have enjoyed your time in my stories. You've bought me from ten reads to seven thousand (and counting), you have made this all worth it and given me faith in my writing.

This one's for you, for Wattpadders and Swifties everywhere.

Thank you


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