Rabid dogs

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The sun was nearly down by the time I made it to Li He's manor. I found that his home was in terrible shape, a far cry from when I lived here. It is as if he stopped caring and let everything go. Even the grass in the courtyard had taken over the entire yard.

I entered the gate and made no announcement of my arrival, hoping to find Li He inside.

I flinched when a feral dog engaged me, quickly reeling my frightened horse away from it. Jiaying had vicious dogs protecting the house.

The house soon awakened, a small lantern lit up inside. I heard Jiaying's loud voice bellowed courses at the snarling dogs.

"Shut the fuck up, you useless dogs! The hell is the matter with both of you?!"

She emerged from the house looking much older from the last time I saw her. Her hair turned wiry and messy. Her slim shaped body swelled with extra weight, Jiaying let herself go.

Her eyes narrowed at the sight of me, she recognized me right away, making her scowl with rage. Her feelings for me never changed. Jiaying hated me and I think that hate only ripened as the time went on. 

She halted by her doorstep, arm raised with stick gripped tightly inside her hand. It reminded me how tight she would hold her whip back when she used to beat me with it.

At glance, I knew the stick was meant for her dogs, but now, I don't know anymore. Without a doubt, I knew she won't think twice about using it on me.

Jiaying waved the stick at me. "You! What're you doing here?! You're not welcome here!"

"I'm looking for Li He," I said. "I want to know how he's doing."

"Li He is none of your business!" She hissed with clenched teeth. "You better get lost before I release the dogs on you!"

She glanced at the ferocious animals, barking and snarling viciously, willing to attack and rip apart anything at their master's command.

A ripple of fright reverberated all my body. Terrified of her and her dogs,  aware of what she could do to me, how she wouldn't think twice about hurting me. I swallowed and found myself reeling the horse away. "Please, I don't want any trouble. I just want to know how Li He is doing."

"Li He is not home!" She snarled dangerously.

My pleading did not reach her, Jiaying was far too stubborn and her hatred for me could not be tamed. She pressed her fingers inside her lips and blew a thin whistle that sent the dogs in heap of excitement, dragging and yanking at the ropes wrapped around their necks, until it snapped and freed them from their bind.

My cowardly horse was first to panic, lifting in hind legs. It kicked and neighed as the dogs attacked its legs.

I held on for my life hoping not to get thrown off.

It galloped wildly running for its own life while the dogs chased after us.

I was tossed on the side of the road landing on one leg, feeling the sharp pain as soon as I put my weight on it.

I could hear the dog's feral barks nearby, closing in fast.

I tried to steady on my feet ignoring the pain. I scoured to safety, but my slow speed was no help getting out of the way fast enough.

I bent over and reached down for a rock, the biggest one I could grab with my hand.

I saw one dog coming, its eyes wild and engaged. It locked on me as it approached. It lunged, clamping its canines on my leg, yanking and tearing my flesh from my bones.

I screamed in pain, reaching for a nearby rock, grabbing it in my palm to beat the dog over and over with it.

It was a struggle, but the dog soon gave up cowarding under the pain of raining rock punches against its head.

My blood pooled on the ground, I tore my robe and wrapped the piece of fabric around my leg, dressing my wound - when I heard the snarls of the other dog in the close distance.

I grabbed the rock back in my hand as I waited for the beast to come.

More noises came into the scene, it sounded like someone's footsteps running.

Li He emerged from the thick bushes, his eyes wide as soon as he saw me. "Hui!"

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