Wedding Preparations

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Princess Li retreated as my stay became more permanent. It had been two months since Yuanji brought me here. He decided upon staying until the preparation for the wedding is finish and Jingam and I are married.

I begged for the wedding to push a few months out, at least until I'm 18. I would like to enjoy my freedom for a few more months, I told Yuanji but he only responded with, the sooner he can secure the marriage, the better.

I told him, I was not in love, no matter what I did, how I looked at him, and no matter how kind and charming lord Jingam is to me, I never felt anything romantic for him. It was platonic, I was close to him and saw him as an older brother during my stay here five years ago, but those feeling never warmed up to anything more.

"You'll fall in love with him one day, He Lian." Said Yuanji. "Please, give him a chance. He loves you and he'll take care of you. Jingam is the best man for you."

"How'd you know he's the best man for me? You haven't introduced me to others!" I protested.

Yuanji patted my head, just as he did when I was young. "Because, he's my best friend, I know him, he will not hurt you. Plus, our clan can benefit greatly from theirs. This union is what mother and father planned all along. Please, be a good daughter and stop protesting this marriage."

My chest ached. It was all too upsetting, I didn't want to get married. "No! I don't want to."

He breathes, "what is it you truly want, He Lian? A strong and handsome prince like sister Ying Yue have?"

His stare stripped me, exposing my selfishness, and shallowness. My eyes dropped, unable to meet his gaze. I was embarrassed by myself.

"You want a hot prince every young girl dreams about?" Yuanji pressed.

"I want to be happy." I murmured softly. That was all I could say at the time. It seemed like the perfect thing to say to redeem myself.

"How'd you know he's not going to make you happy?"

"No woman who shares a husband is happy, the eldest brother," I said honestly, my words came out harder and harsher than I wanted to.

Yuanji frowned, he turned his back on me. He was done talking to me and I could tell my reasons finally made an impact on him. "Go to bed, little sister. The wedding is in a few days and it will happen whether you like it or not. Father and mother are on their way up here, you don't want to disappoint them."

Yuanji left my room, his walk was hard and stiff, every muscle in his body rigid. Yuanji was upset and the brute warrior in my brother showed in the disciplined way he moved away from me.

I don't remember ever making Yuanji this upset before, but at the same time, I was also very upset with him. He's setting me up for a lifetime of unhappiness.

I could very well remember it when he grabbed my shoulders when I was young. He told me he'll never allow a sad life for me. He'll never let me end up like our sister Lin Lian.

"You're a liar!" I spat at him on his way out. "You said you'll never let me be unhappy like Lin Lian!"

Yuanji spun around, his cheeks heated and his eyes flashed with rage.

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