The New Emperor

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Yuanji had then forgotten his desire to kill prince Jungqi with his bare hands. His main concern was snatched away at the thought of his little sister in danger. His sister he had grown so close with within the last couple years.

At the time when Ying Yue left to get married, Lin Lian followed soon after, and so did his little brother who was traded to be trained as a warlord under Lin Lian's new husband. It was him and He Lian who was left alone at the manor.

It was He Lian he found comfort with, drawing his baby sister close so he could protect her, nurture her and take care of her. With wide age gap between the siblings, Yuanji also felt the parental over his little sister.

He dropped prince Jungqi at once and followed prince Wang Jian who was already flying through the steps of the palace – frantic – as he tried to make it back to his wife, hoping everything is not too late.

Jungjie slit the crown prince's throat out of rage.

"How dare you! How dare you lay a finger on my sister!" He walked over to his next victim and started slitting throats like he was racing against time.

Quivering bodies dropped one by one. Jungjie had no regards for his enemies' lives. The rage in his eyes also showed a feral delight. The warlord enjoys slaughter, violence had already etched deep in his blood.

He kept his killing until he made it prince Jungqi, yanking the prince by the hair and dragged him at the center of the throne room. He lifted his gaze to the surviving members of the Changi clansmen who lined the room watching him.

Their facial expressions showed blankness as the waft of death began to cover the entire palace. They were promised revenge, and they were promised the heads of those who tried to eradicate their clan.

"Look at them." Purred Jungjie to prince Jungqi. "Look how thirsty and hungry they are. Those men risked their lives just so they could be here to see you dead when the time comes. I promised them yours and your father's head in exchange for putting me in the throne, did you know that?"

Warlord Yi Jungjie gestured to lord Changi, the new leader of the clan and gave him an approving nod. It was understood as lord Changi's murderous eyes gleamed, eager for his overdue revenge. He picked up the sword that's been getting heavier and heavier on his waist as he waited for this reward.

Lord Changi stepped forward, hand on the hilt of his sword, freeing his blade from its sheath.

He gestured for his captains and lieutenants to follow behind to join him on the ceremonial beheading.

"May your gods have mercy on you." Lord Changi murmured.

The emperor gave him no satisfaction of an answer as he held his neck stiff, waiting for the blade to drop and severe his head. He was ready to die.

With a single command, lord Changi ordered his clansmen's swords to drop, beheading every prisoners and hostage they have.

It was no short of a massacre. Blood spilled on the floor coating the throne room vividly. Dead bodies as far as the eyes can see. On every corner of the palace, the hallways, the kitchen, and the courtyard. It doesn't matter whether they're servants, guardsmen, or nobles with royal blood, dead is dead and their all going to be burned to ashes just the same way.

Jungjie withdrew a step back, a triumphant gleam in his eyes, taking the seat to the throne. He declared himself as the new emperor of the central kingdom of Yi.

The central kingdom born a new emperor and from this day on, it was warlord Yi Jungjie who held power in the entire central kingdom of Yi.

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