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Each time he swung at her, Ying Yue vanished. She moved like a blur, confusing the prince. She appeared and disappeared, jerking around prince Jungqi. He swung and staggered. His arms trembled, he was losing his strength and he was losing his speed. He never faced anyone in the battlefield this long, this strong, this fast, and this inhuman.

Ying Yue was without a scratch, her hair remained in a tight bun. Her wicked smile that seemed to mock him remained worn on her face. She's beautiful, he thought. Even as he fought her, her charms were breathtaking. Are all female demons like her? He wondered, getting lost in his thoughts. She's far more beautiful than the younger lady from the house of Yi he saw at the wedding months ago.

"Pay attention." She murmured, "the gods are hardly on your side, drifting your mind away like that."


A dozen men came to the prince's aid. They raised their blades trapping Ying Yue like an animal. But it was all a futile effort since you can never trap a woman who shares the soul of a god. Ying Yue shares the soul of her husband. A demon prince, the son of the underworld god, Yama, himself.

None of her enemies' blade touched her. Her skin, her clothes were far too superior for their metal. Ying Yue swung her blade, slicing a dozen all at once.

Each time a dozen came to the prince's aid, a dozen dies. She could take them all, she could wipe out the entire army in seconds. It wouldn't take her too much effort at all.

The pile of dead bodies mounted around them, both humans and demons. Before long, the remaining Sui soldiers realized their defeat. They grabbed their prince pulling him away from the demon princess.

"Let's go, your highness. We cannot win against a demon. She'll massacre all of us without mercy."

"No!" The prince snarled and pushed his men away. "I can kill her."

"Listen to us, your highness. She's merely toying with you."

The prince glared at her, it now donned on him about the oldest daughter from the house of Yi. He heard about her demise, her fall from grace. How she was thrown out of the Wang's palace, discarded by her own husband. Prince Jungqi had long assumed her dead, but this doesn't make sense. She doesn't make sense to him at all. "How are you alive?" Much more, "how are you a demon?"

He laughed, and it was a deranged laughter. After all the victory he had the last couple weeks, he lost a thousand men in a matter of hours. A damage was done with the oldest daughter of the house of Yi.

"Curse you!" He screamed. "Curse you and your family! I will kill all of you!"

Ying Yue watched as the guardsmen drew their prince away, she merely shook the blood from her sword and slid it back in its sheath. "He's crazier than I thought."

The darkness folded upon itself and made it even darker, a shadow appeared from twilight and wrapped itself on Ying Yue

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The darkness folded upon itself and made it even darker, a shadow appeared from twilight and wrapped itself on Ying Yue. It soon took a shape of a man, a devilishly handsome man. He squeezed her, fingers sprawled on her belly and pulled his wife close to his chest.

He looked at the pile of dead bodies in front of them and something about the massacre made his blood rush with excitement. "So, are you just going to let him get away like that?" His voice a lover's purr, his lips brushed on the shell of her ear. Banye smelled the blood in her, and the death around them, arousing him even more. It didn't help that Ying Yue killed all those men herself. He was like a proud master watching his prodigy turned into something he molded.

Ying Yue shifted comfortably in his embrace. "No, I leave him for eldest brother and Chanshin to capture. They're not too far away, chasing fourth prince Jungqi's camp a few towns away. He should run into them." She smiled. "That'll be the real surprise to Jungqi when my brother captures him."

"Savage...I like it." Banye growled affectionately. "You make daddy proud." He looked at the manor behind him, the residents remained undisturbed. Banye made sure of that. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your parents? We've been married for a while and I have yet to meet your family."

She shook her head; his wish was unlikely. "We've been through this, Banye. I don't think my parents will be too keen on having a demon for a son in law. I'm hardly welcome at my own home as it is."

"Demon god." Banye corrected, "their son in law is a god. They should be excited. Plus, we will make beautiful children." His fingers pressed her belly. Ying Yue hasn't gotten pregnant yet, but it was something Banye wanted to happen. "How else are our children going to live without their grandparents lavishing them with gifts?"

"Perhaps when this war is over." Ying Yue stated, "but for now, we should go home. I think they're safe from now on. I don't think prince Jungqi will be back this way."

"As you wish." Banye stepped back, bringing Ying Yue with him. They blended into the darkness and disappeared with the passing breeze.

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