The Demon

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Prince Wang Jian broke through the gates of his palace. It took him all night and an entire day to ride a journey that would have taken him days to complete. He rode his horse fast and fierce nearly killing his mare, pushing it through the thick mountains and rocky rivers trying to get home as fast as he can.

There's something about the palace that greeted him as soon as he made it home. Its already dusky appearance seemed to loom with extra gloom this time. No one had to tell him something is wrong, he felt it, and he knew it even before he arrived.

The palace was far too quiet and empty as though the palace itself was abandoned.

He dismounted from his horse as soon as he reached the foot of the entrance.

The prince wasted no time climbing the steep steps to get to his wife. It had been almost two days since he had the premonition. Two days since he heard her ghostly voice call up to him. The prince rasped, his breath ragged. He hadn't slept or had any rest in days. He doesn't even remember the last time he ate or had a drink of water. Prince Wang Jian was running on pure adrenaline.

He made it to the palace's entrance where the door creaked and groaned as the guards pushed it open. His father walked stepped out to greet him. Hollow emptiness on his features. He doesn't know how to break the news to his son.

"Father..." Prince Wang Jian groaned.

The southern emperor stared at his son for the longest time, silent as he embraced his son's return.

The southern kingdom had been plagued with demons and supernatural enemies since the beginning of time, losing his younger son to the dark prince of the underworld. Now, he's just relieved to have his oldest return to him whole.

He stepped aside and let his son through.

Prince Wang Jian rushed through the halls, the empty halls that seemed endless right now.

He headed for his chamber. The room him and his wife shared together.

There, He Lian rested on the bed. She's dressed comfortably in a proper nightgown, with a blanket over her body.

From where prince Wang Jian stood, his wife looked alive, she doesn't appear to be suffering. He thought she looked good despite his fear.

He meandered ahead. Footsteps hollow and empty on the floor. He still couldn't divorce himself from the turmoil that burned inside him. The prince is ravaged with a lingering sensation of fear, telling him something is definitely wrong.

"He Lian." He gasped as he made it closer.

She made no response, although he can tell her breathing is steady as he watched the subtle rise and fall of her chest.

"He Lian." He murmured softly.

She didn't move, He Lian made no reaction to his voice as if she was comatose.

"He Lian, I'm here, princess." Prince Wang Jian whispered tenderly.

There was a sound, but it didn't come from her. The sound yanked his attention from his wife and to the dark shadow nearby.

The darkness moved and took a form of a man, it strolled casually forward and stood silently by her side. Banye appeared in front of prince Wang Jian.

The demon's seductive eyes, deep as the abyss focused on the other man. His long finger traced the tresses of He Lian hair delicately. Banye looked immaculately stunning in the midnight robe he wore.

A ripple of shudder embraced the prince immediately. Prince Wang Jian quivered unsteady with passionate rage and something in the prince turned dangerous all over again.

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