The Camp

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Prince Wang Jian rode to the central kingdom of Sui to join the war. He brought fifty of his personal guards to accompany him during his travel. The journey lasted about three days before he made it to warlord Yi Jungjie's encampment.

"Good news, brother in law!" The young warlord greeted. "We took another provincial capital and weakened the stronghold of the Sui clan. We captured prince Jungqi and he's now our hostage."

"Good job." Prince Wang Jian took to his seat inside the tent and began running his eyes through the series of maps laid neatly over each other on the table. "Go on, tell me what of the rest of the army? The warlords, captains, clans who sided with them?"

"Their army is exhausted; the clans are thinning down. They don't believe the kingdom can hold on for too long."

Prince Wang Jian lifted his eyes to general Yi Jungjie for a second. "Where are the hostages?"

"The prince is with the eldest brother and Lord Chua Chanshin. The Changi's had a few in their prison and I house most of the prisoners here since I have the most number of soldiers." Said Jungjie with thrill. "It's just a matter of time before we completely take over.

Prince Wang Jian studied the maps closer. Silent for a long time. He was pleased with the progress; the young warlord had proven himself to be more formidable in the battlefield, much more capable, braver and intellectual.

He noticed Jungjie had taken back the progress he lost in such a very short time, considering the amount men he had left fighting this war.

"How many men do we have in our hand?" Prince Wang Jian asked.

"With your soldiers and mine combined, we're still at seventy thousand strong. Not counting the Changi clan at their own disposal. They're sweeping the outskirts of the capital as we speak. Readying it for my take over."

"I see, so we lost quite a number of men."

"With all due respect, brother in law. We had been fighting this war for a long time. I had done all that I can to prevent the loss of soldiers' lives. However, this is war and war is brutal. I asked you for reinforcements a week ago..." Jungjie paused expectantly. He had seen nothing but a small squad of fifty strong at the most. "Is that all you brought? There's hardly fifty men you came here with."

"You need not to remind me what war is like, Jungjie. I had fought a far greater and longer war."

"My apologies, brother in law."

Prince Wang Jian exhaled a deep breath and rose, he walked up to Jungjie. "I will not risk losing every one of my soldiers in this war. I fulfilled my promise of seventy thousand strong and that's all you're going to get. Based on your report, you already lost a third of my soldiers and I don't plan on letting the pile of dead bodies rise higher. I came to lead my own army. This war needs to end fast, and the only way we could do that is to sweep the land with both of us in command."

He turned to one of his officers standing guard inside the tent with them. "Get the men ready, we will move out and take siege towards the capital by daybreak tomorrow."

"Yes, your highness!" The officer quipped before rushing out of the tent to spread the news.

"Do you believe we can do this, brother in law?" Jungjie asked.

"Are you now having your doubts? You won every battle easily. You gained the progress you lost without trouble in such a short time. You are so near to victory you can taste it in your mouth. Why ask me now?"

"Because no one had ever ridden victory for this long and held on. My luck is about to change, and things are going to catch up, I can feel it. Something is not right, brother in law."

"Don't let your head trick you, Jungjie. It'll only make you lose your focus. Your fatigue might be getting to you. It is common with men who's been at war for too long. Perhaps, you could use a break, have one of your officers handle your affairs for a week or so."

The young warlord refused. "No, I can't trust my officers to handle my affairs and expect the same outcome. No one can lead a war as I do."

"Very well, if that's how you feel." Prince Wang Jian turned the heel and marched back to the stack of maps on the table. "I'll meet lord Chanshin on my way to take the Dragon province."

"Then what?" Inquired Jungjie.

"I'll meet you outside the Sui palace's wall in two months or so."

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