The Prisoner

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Fourth prince Jungqi laughed as he sat on the soft mud beneath him. His wrist bounded behind him and his ankles shackled. Yi Yuanji had a cage built especially for him. It was a cage big enough to fit a large animal in it.

Lord Yuanji wanted to make sure the cage was uncomfortable, having thorns and sharp steel wrapped around the poles like barb wire. The prince couldn't even lean his back to get a proper rest if he wanted to.

Who would have thought Yuanji had it in him? The prince thought. The oldest of the Yi children had always seemed too soft, too elegant, not the kind of person who would come up of such torturous device.

He grinned, the only thing visible was his gleaming teeth and the white of his eyeballs. A thick coat of mud clung on his hair and covered his body like second skin. He hadn't bathe since the day of his capture.

He watched lord Yuanji and lord Chanshin. A man only days ago he had never heard of. He wouldn't have known he's from the southern kingdom of Wang if he hadn't clashed swords with him in the battlefield.

Fourth prince Jungqi thought the two men were unusually close. Far closer than any men he cared paying attention to.

The way their bodies hovered and moved in tune with each other, the way the two lingered in each other's stares and spoke with softness in their tones. It is as if the two lords shared their own axis and living in each other's gravity.

"You know, I've always wondered why you vehemently refused my sister." He laughed, his laughter sounded like thunder, reaping through the quiet evening, sending crows flapping their wings into the sky. Something the fourth prince found so funny and it's something he never picked up about lord Yi Yuanji before. "I should've stuck my cock in your ass, instead. I should've fucked you in the ass and got further than my sister would have ever gotten."

He laughed again, his lidded eyes lifted and focused on Yuanji. The fourth prince emanated a dangerous and menacing aura suddenly. "I always thought you were beautiful, far too beautiful for a man." He paused to fill his lungs with air. "I bet you would have enjoyed my cock, too. I would have slammed it in you over and over until you beg me to stop."

Lord Chua shot to his feet. Furious as he unlocked the prince's cage and kicked him under his chin. His kick was so hard it caused the prince to bite his tongue and made it bleed. He spat his bloody spit on the ground, licking his blood from his chapped lips.

The prince continued to laugh, unaffected with what just happened. "Oh, the lover...yes, the strong lover. I can't compete against a strong lover like you?"

Lord Chua kicked him again, this time without holding back as he mercilessly landed kicks after kicks on the beaten prince. "You should learn to keep your mouth shut." Lord Chanshin snarled. "Be less irritating and keep your mouth shut!"

Yuanji got up and rushed to his lover. "That's enough." He said as he held the fuming Chanshin back. "You'll wind up killing him. We need him, we need to keep him alive until we make it to the Sui palace."

Lord Chanshin let out a steadying breath, he would have kept going and beat the prince to death if it wasn't for Yuanji stopping him. He yanked his robe and straightened it back in place. "I suppose, you're only extending the inevitable. He'd be dead one way or another."

Prince Jungqi pushed himself up from the mud groaning in pain. He just acquired fresh bruises over the ones he already had.

For once he was quiet.

The prince's breathing ragged, the pain he felt overwhelmed and took away the fun. He would have loved harassing the lovers and entertained himself with their rage.

He sucked a breath, feeling that sharp pain on his ribs shot through his chest. He knew lord Chanshin broke some of his bones.

"I swear, I'll rape both of you to your death once I'm free from this cage. You two better not close your eyes tonight, because once I'm free, I'll make sure you feel the pain of my cock firing up to your tight anuses."

"I guess, we will never know." Lord Yi Yuanji snarled and punched the prince on his jaws sending him into blind darkness. Fourth prince Jungqi fell with a thud on the ground, knocked out by Yuanji's punch.

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