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Wow has it been awhile HI BITCHES how are you sorry I've been gone for a long time life can be a pain in the ass but I will be updating all three stories SO ENJOY ❤️

"One of the stars of the new film taking the world by storm, Kara Danvers!" Kara jogs out to excited applause and cheers, smiling with her whole body as she waves with both hands. Tonight she's being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, and while he technically has a whole show planned, everyone really only wants to know one thing.

Jimmy makes a valiant effort for her. They play a game, she demonstrates cup-stacking, the new game all the kids are playing that she played in high school. She tells a hilarious story about falling into a river off the bridge that staged a really emotional scene during the movie because Lena dared her to stand on the railing and she got a little cocky that has Jimmy and the crowd in stitches.

She explains the plot of the film, they show a clip. Everyone cheers. Jimmy wipes his eyes. "Wow, that is so amazing. You guys are just so... you're so incredible together. Wow." Kara chuckles a little indulgently, both at Jimmy's words and the crowd's responding whoops. Several people wolf whistle. "So, I've heard that you and Miss Luthor were friends before this all started?"

Kara smiles big, and there's a whisper that goes around the crowd. "Yeah, it was so crazy that we got cast for it together, we were not expecting that at all. We both didn't even know the other was auditioning for this until we came in for the chemistry read, which was hilarious. But we knew each other, we've been best friends for a while. My sister was dating the cop that happened to be the one with the orders to arrest Lena when that whole misunderstanding went down, you all know the one, yeah? If you don't, it doesn't matter, it was dumb corporate scandal with the agency Lena was represented by the time and of course Lena was totally innocent the whole time. But they both knew I was a big fan, and I maybe bullied my sister into getting her cop girlfriend–who's now her cop wife–into pulling a few strings so I happened to be 'in the area' waiting to meet them 'for lunch'–" Kara's got her hands up in very obvious air quotes "–so that I was there when Lena got released. And then I totally, y'know, froze then rambled and was just like, all over her, like 'oh my god, you're Lena Luthor, I'm such a big fan,' and I'm expecting her to be like, 'who even is this,' but she actually knew me! Which was insane, right, cause I'd only been in like a couple indie films at the time, and literally right there in this police station, she was like, 'listen I'm starving but I hope we meet again?' and I was just like, 'Listen I know you've been totally innocent and this whole thing probably sucked, let me take you out to lunch, because you deserve it after the twenty-four hours you've just had,' and we've been best friends ever since."

"Best friends?" is all Jimmy Fallon seems to be able to inquire after that word-vomit of a best friends meeting story. Kara nods. Jimmy has a slightly dead-inside look, but shakes his head with a sort of laugh. "Well, the two of you have amazing chemistry on film."

Kara smiles genuinely. "It's all Lena. That woman could have chemistry with drywall, am I right?" she glances to the crowd and is not disappointed with the resulting cheer that affirms her statement. "She is just, like, Lena, and she goes all smoky-eyes and turns on the drive-you-crazy charm like flipping a switch or something, and my whole job this whole movie was to sit there and let myself be totally flustered and in love with Lena, which is like, the easiest thing ever. It was like playing myself in front of the cameras. It was so much fun."

Jimmy stares. Kara continues to smile, oblivious. "Right, that's gonna be giffed before tomorrow," he mutters, then launches into the rest of the interview.


Across town on the same night, Lena walks out–well, more like struts–with a small smile on her lips growing as she waves to the crowd. She's being interviewed by Stephen Colbert this evening, and the crowd is excited for her famed wit to match with his comedy. And, you know, to hear one or two other things.

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