Chapter 9

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Kara stomped into the apartment.

Lena looked up as Kara toed off her boots and shucked her coat with little of her usual grace. Kara shoved the coat unceremoniously onto the hook by the door and stomped into the bedroom, already shedding her jacket and unzipping her pants.

"Should I ask?" Lena asked cautiously. Kara's head popped out of the bedroom, where an alarming series of noises had been coming from, to raise a single eyebrow at Lena. "That's a no, I take it," Lena muttered, looking back at her email.

There was a muffled thump and an exhausted sigh from the bedroom, and Kara re-emerged, looking marginally less angry while wearing sweats and a t shirt and throwing her hair into a messy bun. Kara sprawled onto the length of the couch and Lena slowly stood up to move towards her. "Can I join you?" She asked.

Kara picked the upper half of her body up just enough for Lena to sit, and Kara laid back down, her head and shoulders in Lena's lap, eyes closed. She put her face in her hands and took a couple deep breaths. "They're just so awful sometimes," she said into her hands, her voice sounding broken.

Lena felt her heart break in sympathy. "Oh honey," she murmured, automatically moving to smooth Kara's hair and hold her hand.

Kara gripped her hand tightly and used the other to cover her eyes like she didn't want to see the world. Took a couple calming breaths. "I really don't want to talk about it, it was just a long day." Kara let her hand drop and looked with big blue eyes pitifully up at Lena. "Distract me?"

"Well, if you're sure..." Kara nodded. Lena adopted a look of total nonchalance and promptly launched an all out tickle attack. Kara yelped and curled in on herself, Lena wheezing as more of Kara's weight crushed onto her, but not stopping. Kara rolled off the couch to avoid her, laughing, landing on the floor in a crouch and springing up and away.

She pointed a shaky finger at Lena. "Rude."

Lena chuckled innocently. "You said you were sure."

Kara looked like she was at a loss for a good comeback, so she simply hauled Lena to her feet, curling both hands over Lena's in what was clearly a strategic move to ensure her safety. "Hey," she murmured, smiling. "Thanks."

"Anytime," Lena said softly, reaching to tuck Kara's hair behind her ear. Kara smiled just a little wider and used her free hand to wrap around Lena's waist and tug her closer. Lena's hand landed on Kara's shoulder and just like that, they were kissing.

Lena let herself get lost in it, in the way Kara cupped her face in both hands like she was so, so precious. Like she didn't have anywhere else she'd rather be. She let herself enjoy the feel of Kara pressed up in a decidedly non-platonic way against her. And when Kara broke the kiss to bend down and pick Lena up from the legs, it was easy. Automatic. Lena jumped with her, wrapping her legs around Kara's waist and her arms around Kara's shoulders and smiling when Kara kissed her again, Kara's hands sliding on the back of her thighs.

Kara slowly stepped them towards the bedroom, chuckling into Lena when Lena released her lips to move towards her jaw instead. Several more slow and careful steps and Lena felt herself being lowered gently, and the bed beneath her back. She didn't release Kara in the slightest, and Kara seemed to understand she wasn't getting released anytime soon. Kara didn't seem to mind. Just lowered herself over Lena and kissed her deeply. Lena let herself get completely lost in it, let her hands wander and enjoyed feeling Kara arch and twitch under her touch.

"Just a second longer.... good. Cut."

Kara propped herself on her elbows as Lena reluctantly unwound her legs from Kara's waist. Kara knocked her forehead gently to Lena's collarbone, smiled at Lena, and scooted back and stood, reaching out a hand automatically to pull Lena up. Lena stood on slightly unsteady legs.

Sam was watching the screen across the room intently, nodding. "Good. Really good. I want a couple different angles, but I like the continuous shooting here, it seems to really help you two out in keeping you grounded. Let's take it from the top, we'll probably go a few times more. Sorry Kara, you got the short straw today, go ahead and change back."

Kara chuckled good-naturedly and started moving towards the closet. Lena watched her in a detached sort of way before remembering she was going to change and that really wasn't something Lena was supposed to be watching. Lena tore her eyes away as a hair and makeup person started moving around her to touch her up. Lena was ready much faster than Kara without a wardrobe change, and sat down at her fake computer.

Just another day of her best friend not knowing she was completely in love with her. Just another day.

Alex had only been able to stomach the first half of the first take of the scene where Kara came home. She'd watch the movie when it came out. And she'd make Kara tell her when to cover her eyes. Or Sam. Kara had kind of fallen down on the job last time. She had sat next to Kara at the premiere and Kara had clapped a hand hastily over Alex's eyes when the bed scene started with a Sorry! Lena hadn't been able to stop laughing for the entire two-minute-and-forty-five-second scene while Kara's hand stayed firmly planted over Alex's unresisting eyes.

(Someone in the press had gotten that picture. Sam still had it on her fridge, of Alex sitting there eating popcorn with her little sister's hand clamped over the upper half of her face, Kara's face bright red and sheepish in the glow of the screen, Lena laughing harder than Alex had ever seen—well, heard—her laugh. They were all dressed to the nines, which only made it funnier. The photo had gone a little bit viral, and Alex would have worried about people's reactions, except everyone was way more obsessed with Kara and Lena's relationship status.)

She didn't need to watch her little sister take someone to bed. Just thinking about it made her want to go find a toilet and empty her guts then drink bleach.

But she had seen enough, between the way Lena looked at her before the take even started and the way Kara was constantly humming even before starting a scene where she was supposedly starting angry.

Alex wasn't going to be here for this. No. Instead, she followed a hunch she had. Following her gut, Alex asked Sam if she needed someone to pick Ruby up from school, and Sam gratefully let the staff member she had assigned to bring Ruby over off the hook.

Alex smiled as Ruby crashed into her excitedly out of the school. They went to get ice cream and Alex launched her interrogation.

"Here's the thing. I need your intel, detective. I know you know something about Lena, about her relationship with Kara."

Ruby sagged into the seat dramatically. "Finally! Someone who will do what's necessary! Thank god you're here. I'll tell you everything you want to know." Alex smiled. Ruby paused. "Wait, how'd you know Lena came to me?"

"I'm a federal agent who's married to a detective. I know things. ...Also, Kara made a Percy Jackson reference a couple months ago. I put it together."

Ruby nodded. "They're dumber than Percy."

Alex, who was unwilling to admit she and Maggie had been reading the books aloud most nights as a way to unwind before bed and had both recently lost it at the line "Lamborghini for the Lord", shrugged. "I'll take your word for it, I haven't read them."

"You definitely gotta." Ruby said immediately, and Alex bit back a grin, but Ruby waved that aside. "But later. What do you need to know about Lena?"

"Tell me everything," Alex instructed, and Ruby smiled her mother's mischievous smile.

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