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Low key just putting random words for the title But enjoy❤️☺️

Kara sneaks out after she and Lena have done a segment on Trevor Noah, devoid of blazer (because it's cold and Lena got cold and didn't have a jacket, okay), to join Trevor for when he films his between-the-scenes stuff. Anna Kendrick did it once. Kara's a fan. Plus, she couldn't resist.

Trevor leaned back in his chair and made a face. "I decided to take over," Kara said, smiling. "They want me, right?" She winked at the crowd, who cheered loudly.

Trevor sighed. "Fine. But seriously, if you're going to come out here like this and take it over I'm gonna throw you to the wolves. Pick a question from the audience."

The first question was obvious. "Are you and Lena together?" Kara chuckled. "Pretty sure we answered this on the show, no, we're not."

The next question is "why not?"

"Uhh, she's Lena friggin' Luthor and this is like my first large film that's not a small-budget indie production. And those are great! But she's like, smoky-eye drive-you-crazy most-wicked-brilliant and stupid-funny good-heart and beautiful-soul woman you've ever met in your life; and I'm like, I exist." There was a storm of protest from the crowd, and Kara laughed, holding up her hands. "Ok, ok, I know I do a little more than exist. But that doesn't change the fact that that woman is way out of my league. Way. I'm lucky to be her friend and I ask for no more."

Trevor Noah delivers an incredible rant on fandom obsessions with real life people on the next show.

It's a week or two before Lena sees it. Kara has forgotten about it, honestly. But Lena shows up at her door with a surprisingly insistent knock. Kara opens it a little confused to see Lena on the other side, some sort of furious.

"You said you just exist??"

"For the love of god, Lena, it's called being self-deprecating, it's my thing in interviews, I don't actually think that about myself. Promise. I'm the Don't Stop Me Now to your Thunderclouds, alright? Different, not worse."

Lena sighs, deflating and following Kara in uninvited. Kara quirks a smile but doesn't mention it. "You know, it was easier to make sure you were good to yourself when I saw you fourteen hours a day."

Kara snorted. "Same to you."

"I miss it," Lena admitted quietly.

"Me too," Kara said, just as softly. She propped herself against the kitchen counter and crossed her arms. She took a deep breath and let it out. "The movie's out. The press is all over it. It's going fantastic. People are taking about a sequel but I haven't heard anything, have you?" Lena shakes her head. "Everything's going to change, isn't it? We got the breakout roles. We're going to be in other things. All we have to do is go for it."

Lena moved next to her. "Yeah," she whispered softly. "Things will change."

Kara turned at her tone. "But we won't," she promised.

"We won't," Lena agreed.


Kara grumbled and pulled the blankets over her head as Lena threw open the curtains.

"Ohh no you don't," Lena said, dropping on the bed next to her and somehow managing to crawl under the covers. She poked at Kara's arms until Kara groaned and glared at Lena. "Hi," Lena said, smiling widely and looking far too awake. "I'd say I'm sorry to wake you, but you've been asleep for fourteen hours and your sister texted saying she was at work or she'd come check on you."

"I'll text Alex," Kara mumbled. "Now leave me alone or at least be quiet."

"Kara," Lena said, with a little force behind it now. "I have not heard from you since you landed fifteen hours ago, and your audition ended like barely an hour before you got back on the plane. Will you please tell me how it went? Please?" Kara cracked one eye open to squint at Lena, who, as suspected, was making puppy dog eyes at her.

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