Chapter 10

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Lena's finger slid in slow circles around Kara's back, and Kara squirmed under the attention, doing nothing to move away. Lena smiled.

"Who knew you were so ticklish?" She teased.

"You did," Kara muttered. "You take great delight in it, actually."

"Mm," Lena was unconvinced. "I'm not sure I understand what you're implying about me."

Kara huffed, burying her face in the pillows for a moment as Lena smirked. "Incorrigible," she muttered, voice muffled. Kara's back arched without her intending to as Lena ran a fingertip delicately up her spine, Kara twitching and squirming as though electricity was shooting through her even though they were fully clothed.

"And yet," Lena intoned softly, pausing for moment to lay her head down next to Kara's, "you still love me."

Kara considered debating it for a moment before sighing. She smiled and closed her eyes, smile widening when Lena kissed her nose. "I do." Kara rolled to her side, capturing Lena's hand in her own and bringing it to her lips. "And it didn't take me forever to figure it out, either."

Lena rolled her eyes but let Kara keep her hand. "Yes yes, you were in love with me first, we've established this. But I, in comparison, didn't wait as long to do something. Had we left it to you we might have waited another ten years."

Kara's indignant splutter was cut off by Lena pressing solidly into her with a smile.

"Cut." Lena rolled back slowly, sitting up to see Alex watching with another one of those unreadable expressions, Sam nodding next to her. "Nice. Good final take. Let's get the next flashback scene set up."

Kara sat up at her side, running a hand through disheveled hair absently. Lena felt her stomach let loose a couple butterflies and looked away. She slid off the bed and adjusted her clothes—jeans and t shirts for both of them today—and began to move towards costuming for her next wardrobe. She paused as she started walking. She glanced at Kara, who had produced her phone from god knows where and was texting someone, smiling slightly as she sat in bed looking adorably rumpled.

Might as well ask, Lena thought. Her heart hammered.

"Walk with me, Danvers," Lena instructed as she moved towards costuming. Lena led the way. "As is probably horribly obvious, I have found myself, um, ridiculously in love with one Kara Danvers."

Lena turned as they reached the hallway before her destination. Alex had a satisfied smirk. "I know."

"I can't take it anymore. I have to, I don't know, I have to at least know if I need to back off or it's too obvious or if she knows or—"

"Lena," Alex said firmly, cutting Lena off and taking her by the shoulders. "Lena, Lena, breathe." Lena took a deep breath and Alex nodded. "You most definitely do not need to back off."


Alex tapped her foot. "Pretty sure I'm breaking some sort of older sister code here. Oh well. I had a plan, but this is better. Right. Lena. She's way ahead of you." Lena's breathing was shallow. She could feel her heart speeding up, could feel the ghost of Kara's skin under her lips, the warmth of Kara pressed up against her, the softness of her t shirt under Lena's fingertips. It didn't matter that she wasn't in sight. Kara filled her senses.

"What are you talking about?"

Alex made an impatient noise. "She's been in love with you, since, like, the day you got arrested. Before then. There has never been a moment that Kara didn't know of your existence that she wasn't hopelessly in love with you."

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