Chapter 7

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I totally meant to post on this day wow Ive been gone for awhile hopefully your guys holidays and valentines were good but I decided to post today since its my birthday I don't know why but I felt motivated again but hope u guys enjoy this chapter ❤️

Lena's got a plan to figure this all out. It's not like it's the tomato debate. She's got this.

Her plan was to call Alex. Alex was a married lesbian who knew her sister better than anyone in the universe. Alex was a federal agent who could read people and made no apologies for what she saw. Alex could tell her what was going on with her.

She chickens out of her plan.

Alex was scary, on top of all that. And Alex's face always had that look when Lena did something, that, upon reflection, was perhaps not the most platonic of things to do. Like that time Lena let slip that she loved it when Kara relented and sang her Jason Mraz's Lucky over the phone to her. Kara has a really nice voice, as literally everyone in the whole world knows! Though, upon some really sober later analysis, that song, while heterosexual, is not, um, platonic. Hm.

That doesn't mean Lena doesn't talk to anyone. Lena sees her therapist! And, by therapist, she means Sam. Well, Sam's daughter. Who is ten. Well, she just had a birthday, so now she's eleven. Sometimes Lena wonders if the college that gave her her degree feels the stupid things she thinks and retroactively regrets giving her the bachelor's degree.

Ruby nods seriously, little feet swinging off the stool as she sips at her milkshake in Kara's favorite diner. Her eyes are wide as she regards Lena unblinkingly. Sam is at a meeting and Lena volunteered to babysit when she got back into town because the usual sitter couldn't make it. A genuine movie star was babysitting, and using the babysittee as a therapist. Lena feels her college have another moment of regret.

"I don't know, Rubes, I just feel funny when I'm around her. You know?"

Wide brown eyes watched her, so like her mother's and yet still so young. "You sound like Percy," she said seriously.

"Percy?" Lena asked. "The green bitter train from Thomas?"

"Percy Jackson," Ruby said, like that was supposed to be the most obvious thing in the world. "He's like, super dumb sometimes but he's super in love with Annabeth and doesn't realize it for a long time."

Lena bit at her straw, thinking. "Is this Percy in a movie?"

"Don't watch the movie." Ruby said seriously. "Mom almost cried when she watched it." Lena frowned. Sam was not really a crier. "She called it the devil's work. You gotta read the book."

"I gotta read the book," Lena repeated. "What book is it even called?"

"I'll send you the link," Ruby said, sounding like an exasperated teenager already. "Promise me you'll read it, I can't take this anymore."

"I thought you liked it when I told you stuff?"

"This isn't stuff." Ruby retorts. "This is like hearing super bad fanfiction for a gender bent alternate universe lesbian Percy Jackson that a college student wrote at 4 am during finals week."

Lena huffed. "Fine. Send me the link. I'll have it read by the end of the week." Ruby smiled a mischievous sort of a smile, and Lena sighed into her milkshake. She had a bad feeling about this.

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