Chapter 8

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"Don't think I don't remember the hickey incident, you two," Sam muttered, pointing two accusatory fingers at them from across the room, and Kara and Lena both blushed.

"I think going around with hickeys for over a week and everyone knowing exactly where they came from was enough punishment without bringing it up again, don't you?" Lena said lightly, and Kara nodded vigorously. "Shut up Kara," Lena added, shoving at her shoulder. "The ones you left on me were way worse and you know it."

Kara's laughter burst out of her, and Lena and Sam both bit back smiles at her. "It's not my fault, you started it," Kara said, and Lena rolled her eyes. "You know who I grew up with, and you thought you could win any kind of fight with me? Besides, if you'd get out in the sun every once in a while maybe they wouldn't be so obvious."

"You're talking about a hickey fight? You're incorrigible."

"Ooh, big word," Kara teased, still giggling. "Did you learn that one from Percy Jackson?"

"Funny, I seem to recall you also stating it was a literary masterpiece, and, funnily enough, that was before you split your head open."

Kara was still giggling, completely incapable of stopping it now. "I told you I was fine," she gasped.

"Was this before or after you cussed out the world like it was the 2016 election all over again?" Kara was completely incapable of responding, bent over now, and Lena sighed dramatically as she let Kara slump into her. "This is a pathetic showing for someone who claims to win every fight." Kara just kept wheezing and Lena adjusted her posture without real thought to let Kara lean into her more fully, wrapping an arm easily around Kara's shoulders and pushing a stray strand of hair.

"Nice, guys, looks great," came Sam's voice from across the room. Kara giggled once more before managing to sober herself up and sit up straighter, determinedly not glancing at the cameras that surrounded them on the couch in case Sam did that thing again where she used footage from after she called cut. Lena shoved at her shoulder and Kara leaned back into the couch, pretending to be wounded, still chuckling.

"Actually yeah," came Sam's voice again. "Lena, go after her. You know." Lena turned on her smoky-eye-drive-you-crazy charm all at once, the kind Kara still thought should be patented or trademarked or whatever it was, and leaned over Kara, suspending herself for a long moment with one hand planted on the side of the couch and the other by Kara's shoulder. Kara felt her eyes flicker involuntarily down Lena's body as she stretched her arms above her head deliberately, and Lena smiled that dangerous smile.

She moved towards Kara infuriatingly slowly, and Kara felt her smile slip away as Lena pressed against her, Kara's hands moving to wrap Lena up, one arm around her waist and the other hooking around the back Lena's neck gracelessly to drag her closer. Lena, for all her swagger, still kissed her gently as ever, their first kiss in something close to three and a half years delivering an electric shock through Kara's system that made it feel like she was waking up. Kara gasped into the kiss, and Lena pulled away just a little, and Kara could feel her breaking character, she was going to ask Kara what was wrong because she cared more about Kara than about the take, but Kara didn't want that. She chased Lena, moving up and kissing her again, relaxing as Lena leaned back into her without a question, her fingers steady in Kara's hair, holding her gently.

"Nice, that was good." Sam's voice cut across Kara's bliss again. Kara reluctantly released Lena, still blinking dazedly as she unwound her arms and Lena pushed up off Kara slowly. "I really liked that. I want a few different angles, let's take it again from where you shove Kara down, sound good?" Kara and Lena both voiced their assent and sat up. They filmed a few more takes. It got a little bit easier with each one. Just a little. Four more times of Lena hovering over Kara with that dangerous smile and Kara felt a buzz like alcohol seep into her brain by the time they were done, but she didn't feel blinded by it. She felt loose. Powerful and energetic and coiled and ready to jump a fence and run a hundred yards. Ready to film a hundred more scenes where she could wrap Lena up and kiss her with abandon and chuckle off compliments on her acting.

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