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"Damn straight... Kara," Lena said like five full minutes later. "We can't be straight in this." And she collapsed into giggles.

"Oh my god," Kara said, staring at her best friend. "Did you get high for this?"

"Maybe I'm just high on you," Lena said, winking.

"Oh my god, Kara repeated. "I am really not emotionally equipped to deal with this right now."

Lena sobered after a few long moments. "Are you okay?" She asked sincerely. "I remember you telling me once love scenes are sometimes just as hard on you if they're emotional."

"They're not hard on me," Kara said, waving off Lena's concern, even though Lena's concern on her was exactly where she liked it. "Just tiring sometimes. Like, I dunno. My body thinks it's gotta produce the crush stuff, you know." Lena raised an eyebrow, clearly stopping herself from laughing, and Kara sighed. "The crush stuff. Heart pounding, butterflies in the stomach, Adrenalin, all the feelings you get when you're falling in love. Really though, I'm totally fine. I just want, like, a burger and a nap."

"Oh Kara," Lena murmured, and Kara felt an oh no slipping down her spine as Lena slid a hand onto her stomach, pressing against the light sweater and the shirt to feel the definition beneath, the abs Lena constantly teased her about just because she could. "Are you telling me I gave you butterflies?"

"That's it." Kara declared, pulling Lena's hand away, partly in joke and partly in genuine panic she was trying to hide. She turned the other way to walk away. "I'm not dealing with this. I'm going back to my place and you are not welcome to come—"

"No, no, Kara please wait, I'm sorry, I won't tease you about your huge stage crush on me." Kara glared, and Lena backed away and released Kara from where she had grabbed her arm with both hands in an attempt to stop her. Lena bit her lip before schooling her face into a more serious expression. "Seriously though," she said softly, "I really admire how much of yourself you put into everything, and the fact that you're exhausted just shows me how dedicated and incredible you are. As you may have noticed, I, by contrast, get giggly. Sometimes."

Kara sighed deeply. How was she supposed to stay mad at that? Lena looked at her, eyes wide and pleading. Kara rolled her head around her neck. "Buy me a burger then," she said with resignation. "But make fun of my character's huge crush on your character one more time and I'm gone. And I will take your burger with me."

"Done," Lena said instantly, slipping against Kara's side on the sidewalk like she had missed her already. "I will do everything within my power not to tease you about your character." Lena smiled to herself, but Kara saw it and groaned. Lena had clearly already found a loophole. Kara was sure she could look forward to a lunch full of fluster-inducing teasing about her own personal habits instead.


Lena's fingers traced softly, almost lazily across Kara's face. Kara almost went to remove her glasses before remembering she was wearing contacts. Of course. She had been for months.

Kara closed her eyes a little firmly and let herself relax. Sink in. Her body lay across the couch, her head in Lena's lap. Her hair spilled loose and free over Lena's legs, Lena propped against the side of the couch parallel with Kara, fingers wandering gently.

A single finger drifted almost tantalizingly across Kara's lips and she twitched and suppressed a smile. She could feel Lena smiling above her, and Lena flexed her toes, Kara smiling with her lips and eyes still pressed firmly shut as she felt the movement against her back. Lena's other hand drifted to her hair, combing through the long strands, and Kara couldn't quite suppress the schoolgirl dreamy sigh that came out of her. Lena flexed her toes again and Kara pushed down another smile, flexing her shoulder muscle so it dug into Lena's leg in return.

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