Chapter 6

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Hello biss sorry for not posting I was busy not gonna get into it cause it will take long but enjoy hoes jk love u😌(anyone watch Stephanie soo?)

It was two years later.

"I still don't understand the tomato debate," Lena was whining, and Kara chuckled into the phone pressed to her ear, dodging someone in a hurry and swinging her way through the crowded street market in the cold.

Kara held up two fingers with one hand and pulled some crumpled bills out of her pocket with the other, smiling as the vendor handed over some tomatoes. "Sorry babe," she said lightly into the phone. "But for the hundredth time, I'm not going to ask the nice woman who sells me tomatoes."

"You're useless," Lena grumbled, and Kara laughed. "Why do I keep you around?"

"Publicity," Kara reminded her.

"Riiiight." There was a pause. "You might need to remind me of your value soon. Go on a talk show and pretend to be in love with me or something. Talk me up."

"You mean pretend to be what I already am?"

"Ha, ha," Lena said dryly, and Kara forced herself to laugh again. Two years later and while it didn't hurt her chest nearly as much with distance, joking about being in love with the best friend she was actually in love with didn't lose its sting over time. "We both know if you're in love with anyone right now it's Winn."

Kara laughed for real, dodging as a young boy shoved through the crowd. "Very true." They both neglected to mention that Winn was about as gay as it gets, though Lena, having met him several times, knew this very well. Kara had met Winn on the cop show they had guest starred in together, the pair of them bonding over queerness and playing someone getting murdered. She was thrilled to learn he also sang, and was one of her best friends in New York, playing her best friend in her Broadway run that had lasted eighteen months. They were fairly inseparable these days. "Maybe I'll drag him on a talk show to promote my new run. Pretend I'm in love with him."

"Don't play with the poor boy's emotions like that, Danvers," Lena sighed down the line. "It's bad form. You're supposed to be the moral one in this relationship."

"Me? The moral one?"

"Well, which of us hasn't been to prison?"

"Hey," Kara said warningly. "That wasn't–"

"My fault, I know, I know," Lena recited. "Just pointing out the facts." Kara sighed. "How are rehearsals?"

"Really good," Kara said, beaming. "I love this show. I'm kind of bummed it'll only be a three-month run til Lucy Lane gets back and takes her stage again, but I'm psyched."

"Mmm," Lena hummed, and Kara could hear papers rustling over the din on her end. "Just remember how amazing it is that they needed a star in a pinch and they wanted you, Kara Danvers. That's no small thing."

"Alright, alright, my ego is sufficiently fluffed," Kara said, swinging around a couple haphazard tables and spilling out onto the crowded sidewalk. "Hey listen, I'm on the street, I'm gonna lose ya."

"Mmkay," Lena said, though there was a slightly sad note in her voice Kara couldn't pin down. "Go charm everyone. Don't forget to sleep and eat."

"I would never," Kara vowed. "It's you I'm worried about." She was rewarded with an indignant huff. "Hey, sixteen more days." She could almost hear Lena smile. "I'll see you opening night and I'll call you soon. I love you."

"I love you too, you charming dork," Lena said, and Kara felt the familiar rush of warmth go through her at Lena's words. The line went dead, and Kara sighed as she pocketed her phone and started towards her apartment. It felt a lot colder without Lena's voice in her ear.

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