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• July 16, 2008 •

Tony stepped off of the plane that had brought him home from Afghanistan. Outside on the runway stood Ms. Potts and Obadiah Stane, as well as numerous reporter who'd somehow managed to weasel their way past security. Thankfully, the security from the plane immediately began to contain the loud journalists. Tony walked hastily to Ms. Potts.

"Oh my God, what happened to you?" She asked in horror, gesturing to his slinged arm and the stitches in his face.

"Uh, exactly what you think would happen to a rich man being held captive by psychotic terrorists who want my stuff," Tony explained quickly, eager to move on to a question of his own. "Where's Brenna?"

"She's fine, Tony," Obadiah assured, "due for another surgery later today; it might finally be the last one."

It was no secret that Tony's only daughter had a rare cardiovascular condition. Her heart was half the size it should've been, and was no longer growing with her body. The older she got, the weaker she got. Now fourteen years old, it had caused a lack of blood circulation to her legs, crippling her. But Tony finally had the technology to fix that.

"You're damn right it will be," Tony responded, moving past the two to walk towards the car there to take him home. "Take us home, Happy," he ordered the driver.

Obadiah and Pepper exchanged a look of confusion before chasing after their friend. They climbed into the car before Tony could decide to just leave them; he was quite obviously in a rush.

• • •

When the four finally arrived at the Stark mansion, there was no rest. Tony walked inside quickly, the others following him in, trying to keep up.

"Where is she?" Tony asked.

"She's downstairs," Ms. Potts replied, "Dr. Malick should be getting ready to begin."

Tony began to race away before Pepper had even finished her sentence. Sure enough, Brenna was downstairs in the room deemed as her at-home operations room. Because she couldn't walk anymore, and because she often needed medical attention, Tony had done everything in his power to give his daughter whatever she needed right in the comfort of home.

Entering the room abruptly, Tony walked quickly to Brenna's side. She was laying in the single hospital-style bed in a thin hospital robe and pants. Her dark gold eyes landed on him. "Daddy..?" She asked questioningly before smiling weakly, "you're back!"

⇧ Brenna's eyes ⇧Just want to give you all an accurate visual representation ♡ feel free to imagine something different, but please do so quietly, without spamming my comments with what you'd change

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⇧ Brenna's eyes ⇧
Just want to give you all an accurate visual representation ♡ feel free to imagine something different, but please do so quietly, without spamming my comments with what you'd change

"Mr. Stark, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room," the male doctor spoke awkwardly.

"And I'm going to have to ask you to change your methods," Tony retorted, turning toward Dr. Malick and the two nurses that were in the room.

The female nurse then spoke up, "sir, we're trying every method their is."

"Obviously not, or my daughter would be walking right now," Tony disregarded the nurse. He then turned to the doctor and handed him a tan folder, "this is what you're gonna do. And I am not leaving the room."

The doctor opened the folder, eyes widening as he went through the papers. "This..I cannot do this," he rejected the ideas inside.

"Yes, you can. And you will, because I'm paying you," Stark replied in a sassy tone.

As the doctor shared the papers with the male and female nurses, Tony turned his attention back to Brenna. She looked at him with tired and curious eyes. The IV in her arm was already putting her under. Tony knelt on the ground, making his eyes level with hers. He took her hand and squeezed it. "It's gonna be okay," he told her, "you'll be back to your old self before you know it."

Brenna felt the seriousness in her father's voice. She recalled her younger years, when nothing seemed wrong with her. It was when she was eight that her heart first started to fail. Now fourteen years old, her body was almost out of time. Yet, Tony had found a cure. "I'm really going to walk again..?" She asked in disbelief.

"You're not just going to walk again," Tony told her gently as she drifted out of consciousness. "You're gonna live. And you're gonna have a good life, Brenna, I promise you that."

Sadly, this wasn't the case. At least, not for many more years to come. The surgery that Tony had suggested was to give his daughter a similar arc reactor as his own. The procedure went smoothly, and the reactor was effective in strengthening her internal functions. But it was not enough to wake her once installed. Brenna fell into a coma for six years.


Hello, and thank you for giving my story a read! After this prologue begins the real story. It will start a little slow, but I promise it will be worth keeping up with! I'm a sucker for fluff, so expect a LOT of that once Brenna and Bucky start spending more time together! ♡

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